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Node Weekly Issue 1
August 29, 2013
From the Publisher's Desk
Welcome to issue 1 of Node Weekly. Thanks for putting your faith in an all new publication! The time was right as we've had to drop so much from JavaScript Weekly lately due to sheer quantity.
A huge thanks is due to Cam Pedersen (who gave us the domain) and Joyent (for permission to use the name). But without further ado, on to the links :-)
Node v0.10.17 (Stable) Released The folks at StrongLoop give deeper insights on what’s new in v0.10.17 and the v0.11.6 master, as well as libuv.
Node.js Blog
Streams in Node.js A 30 minute talk from Node.js lead Issac Schlueter on the role of streams, the problems faced with the streams API over time, and where things are going with stream3.
From our Sponsor
Capture your Exceptions with Airbrake
Capture and resolve your exceptions faster with Airbrake, the error app. Trusted by more than 50,000 developers. New plans include GitHub, Pivotal and many more workflow integrations for fast error resolution.
Writing a Command Line Utility using Node Jonathan Fielding goes step by step through the process of building your own command line utility using Node.
Flippin' Awesome
Developing a Mobile Backend Using StrongLoop Node StrongLoop brings together Node, MongoDB, Titanium, and Twilio to create an app from scratch. This is an ongoing series, but part two is already available too.
Using The Directory-serving Middleware in Express
Raymond Camden
An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Node.js If, for some reason, you’ve subscribed to this newsletter without even knowing what Node is, this is a reasonable article for getting up to speed.
Client-Side Dependency Management: Choosing Between npm, Bower and component
Flippin' Awesome
Use Node.js to Extract Data from the Web for Fun and Profit A simple look at using Node and the Cheerio library to quickly scrape content from a Web page.
John Robinson
Mocking API Requests in Node Tests
JavaScript Playground
Setting Up and Monitoring Node.js Apps on Elastic Beanstalk with StrongOps
Debugging Mocha Tests Via Node’s Standard Debugger
Node.js Deployments with Docker, Dokku, and Digital Ocean
Nuno Job
Watching and Listening
Setting Up Continuous Deployment for Node.js Applications A 5 minute screencast.
Libraries, Code and Tools
NodeBB: Node-Powered Forum Software (in Progress) A Node.js driven forum that uses Redis as its backend database. Uses WebSockets but works down to IE8.
Design Create Play
ansi-styles: ANSI Escape Codes for Colorizing Strings in The Terminal
Makes it simple to output text to the terminal using the background and foreground colors of your choice. And don’t forget underlining.
Sindre Sorhus
Node Web Modules: A Collection of Web Frameworks for Node.js A handy listing of modules with the ability to add your own.
Caio R. Pereira
Nodist: A Simple Node.js Version Manager If you need to have access to many different versions of Node at the same time, this provides a simple way to manage things. A bit like RVM or rbenv in the Ruby world.
memdiff: BDD-style Memory Leak Hunting Tool Measures memory usage upon execution of a function.
Azer Koçulu
Edge.js: Run .NET and Node.js Code In-Process There’s also a great slidedeck that shows off the main concepts and code examples.
Tomasz Janczuk
Visual Node: Node.js Tools for Visual Studio Currently in private beta only, you can register an interest in these intriguing under-development Node.js tools for MS Visual Studio, or enjoy a 3 minute screencast that shows them off.
Red Gate Software
Lets Have Launch: An Example Launch Page App to Learn From Uses MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.
node_module: Run (Some) Ruby Methods as JavaScript under Node.js
Lee Machin
Pulldown: The Minimal JavaScript Package Manager A quick way to pull down a copy of your favorite library.
Jack Franklin
Helmet: Middleware to Implement Security Headers for Express / Connect
NodeTube: Node.js App for Downloading YouTube Videos
Software Engineer at Turn (Silicon Valley) Angular, Node, Bootstrap. Big data, machine learning, distributed systems. If these are technologies you're interested in and you're good with JavaScript, we'd love to talk to you about joining our front-end applications team at Turn.
Last but not least..
Nodechecker: Testing Node Modules 24/7 A web service that iterates over all npm packages and runs their tests. Includes a pie chart of how many have succeeded and failed, so far.
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