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Node Weekly Issue 11
November 21, 2013
The 2013 Node Knockout Winners The 48 hour online hackathon took place a couple of weeks ago and the winners have already been revealed.
Node Knockout
The Node.js Stream Playground John Resig has created a web application that allows you to play with Node.js streams, Lego-style.
Node v0.10.22 (Stable) Released A minor update, with npm upgraded to 1.3.14, v8 up to 0.10.19, and small fixes to child_process, darwin, debugger, repl, src, and tls.
Node.js Blog
Node v0.11.9 (Unstable) Released
Node.js Blog
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What’s New in Node.js v0.12: Cluster Round-Robin Load Balancing Node core committers Ben Noordhuis and Bert Belder have started a series looking at the new features slated for inclusion in v0.12 of Node. In this first post, Ben looks at the new round-robin clustering algorithm.
Express.js Fundamentals An introduction to the popular Node.js webapp framework.
Flippin' Awesome
Deploying Node.js Apps Without npm using pac Pac packages your node_modules as .tgz files for version control and easy deploys because, Pac’s creator claims, committing “node_modules into source control sucks.”
Coding in the Crease
Node.js the Right Way (book) Get to the forefront of server-side JavaScript programming by writing compact, robust, fast, networked Node applications that scale. In his book for the Pragmatic Bookshelf, Jim R. Wilson shows us how.
The Pragmatic Programmers
Task Automation with `npm run` James Halliday (“substack”) uses npm run as an alternative to Grunt.js and explains how.
Echo JS
Going for the Node: The 5ms API Challenge Taking on a challenge of re-writing an active API in Node proved to be an educational experience for Sagi. Here are his insights and tips for building a high performance Node app.
Sagi Isha
Unified Logging with Node and Syslog
Femi Omojola
Libraries, Code and Tools
bramqp: A Raw AMQP Library for Node.js A raw, robust, and remarkable AMQP library for Node. AMQP is the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol as used by tools like RabbitMQ, SwiftMQ, Apache ActiveMQ, and the Windows Azure Service Bus.
nwfaketop: A GruntJS Compiler for Node-webkit Applications (OSX Based) A Simple Grunt configuration to quickly and automatically deploy Node-webkit based applications. Includes Jade, Sass, jslint, uglify, and osx-notify.
Austin Turnage
DPLOY: An FTP/SFTP Deployment Tool Built in Node Uploads the latest changes by comparing the version on your server with your git repository.
Lean Mean Fighting Machine
docker-urlarchiver: Package A Node.js App (including Node itself) for Docker An example of using Docker to package a Node.js script with all its dependencies, including Node.
Adam Alexander
strip-json-comments: Strips Comments from JSON A library that removes all comments from JSON data, enabling you to freely comment such data.
Sindre Sorhus
hostile: Simple, Programmatic `/etc/hosts` Manipulation (in Node.js) Simple, programmatic /etc/hosts manipulation (in node.js)
node-wkhtmltopdf: A Wrapper for The wkhtmltopdf HTML to PDF Converter
Devon Govett
node-express-boilerplate: A CoffeeScript-based Express.js Boilerplate App A boilerplate to start a new express project based on CoffeeScript, the Grunt build system, forever runner, Jade Template Engine and bootstrap.
Eunjae Lee
Fine: Tiny File Finder Utility for Node.js
Veselin Todorov
node-load-tester: Simple Load Testing with Node.js
Jaime Pillora
Web Engineer at Maker Studios (Los Angeles) Maker Studios has gathered over 60,000 of the most influential YouTube channels into a new network model that's disrupting the television industry. Our tech group develops the talent-facing webapps that make this possible at scale. If using technologies like Docker, NodeJS, CircleCI, Redis, Memcache, and MongoDB sounds exciting, we want you on our team.
Maker Studios
Freelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO & JPMorgan Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an Elite JavaScript Developer. See if you have what it takes!
Software Developer at in Amsterdam! is one of the biggest E-Commerce sites in the world and we need some really sharp people in Amsterdam to join us as we are continually growing. We will help you relocate to Amsterdam and make sure everything goes smoothly (visa + relocation package included)!
Last but not least.. A European npm Mirror A mirror based in Germany. Example usage: npm --registry install express .. Note: As always, ensure you trust mirrors before using them in production.
npm-stat: Statistical Charts for npm Registry Packages Generates charts of the statistics for any package in the npm registry.
Paul Vorbach
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