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Node Weekly Issue 13
December 5, 2013
Node.js at PayPal Jeff Harrell of PayPal says that he’s ‘happy to say that the rumors are true and our web applications are moving away from Java and onto JavaScript and Node.js’ and that ‘All of our consumer facing web applications going forward will be built on Node.js.’
PayPal Engineering Blog
Ben Noordhuis's Departure Prolific contributor Ben Noordhuis has decided to step away from Node.js and libuv, and is no longer acting as a core committer. This follows some unfortunate drama stemming from this libuv pull request.
Node.js Blog
Form Validation With ExpressJS Better than the title makes out, this is really an introduction to Express generally and walks through creating a barebones app with a signup form (that is then validated). This is a good step-by-step introduction to Express for anyone not yet familiar with it.
Burke Holland
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Eliminating Code Smell with Grunt Gavin Lazar Suntop shows how to establish JavaScript coding standards within your team and then automatically verify them using Grunt.
Flippin' Awesome
Node.js Needs A New Home? A discussion from the Node.js mailing list about whether Node.js and its community would be better served by moving the project under the control of a foundation.
Google Groups
Restify: Build Correct REST Web Services in Node Provides out-of-the-box support for features like versioning, error handling, CORS, and content negotiation.
Shekhar Gulati
Using Node’s Event Module The event module’s EventEmitter class allows you to listen for events and assign actions to run when those events occur.
Hacking Music and MIDI (and Animation) with Node.js and Clojure A paid e-book from the renowned Giles.
Giles Bowkett
Creating Desktop Applications With node-webkit A very short and simple introduction.
Handling OAuth2 with Node.js and Angular.js
Matthew Tyler
How To Deploy Node.js Applications Using Systemd and Nginx
Watching and Listening
MQTT and Node.js: Messaging the Internet of Things Matteo Collina looks at MQTT, a publish/subscribe protocol for the Internet of Things, and shows how it can work with Node.
NodeConf EU
Libraries, Code and Tools
pod: Git Push Deploy for Node.js Based on pm2 Simplifies the workflow of setting up, updating and managing multiple Node.js apps on a Linux server. Perfect for hosting personal Node stuff on a VPS.
Evan You
Hippie: A Node.js Tool for Simple and Intuitive Web API Testing A request wrapper that enables intuitive API testing with built-in and custom expectations, support for custom parsers and serializers, as well as middleware support.
Veselin Todorov
JSON Server: Serves JSON or JS Seed Files Through REST Routes Provide a JSON or JS seed file and this server will serve it up through REST routes. It can also load remote JSON files.
PgREST: A JSON Document Store Running Inside PostgreSQL Capable of loading Node.js modules and compatible with MongoLab’s REST API and Firebase’s real-time API.
Dyson: Node Server for Dynamic, Fake JSON
Lars Kappert
imgur-sucker: A Node App for Vacuuming A Subreddit's Images from Written in CoffeeScript.
Jeremy Dowell
http-framework: A Web Framework Based Purely on require('http')
Jake Verbaten
Software Developer Intern at Garagesocial, Inc. (Boston, MA), the new social network for car enthusiasts just announced an open req. for a Software Developer Intern. Small team of highly technical developers working on groundbreaking networking and commerce platform. Passion for quality is a must.
Senior Front End Software Engineer (Seattle, WA) Moz Analytics is looking for a Senior Developer to join the Applications team. Our team is responsible for building all of the Front End apps that deliver marketing analytics through meaningful data visualization and insight.
Last but not least..
Generating A Tree of Events using process.addAsyncListener You’ll need to install GraphViz for this to work but it’s an interesting experiment.
Tim Caswell
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