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Node Weekly Issue 16
January 2, 2014
Node v0.10.24 (Stable) The usual libuv and npm updates but, importantly, with a backported fix to the V8 engine for the CVE-2013-6639 and CVE-2013-6640 vulnerabilities which can cause denial of service or other unspecified impacts via JavaScript code that sets the value of an array element with a specially crafted index.
Node.js Blog
Node v0.11.10 (Unstable) http_parser, uv and v8 updates, and the usual variety of tweaks and bug fixes.
Node.js Blog
math.js: An Extensive Math Library for JavaScript and Node.js Compatible with JavaScript’s built-in Math library, it features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices.
Jos de Jong
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The 4 Keys to 100% Uptime with Node
SpanishDict Engineering
Using Browserify with Express A look at using Express, the popular Node.js webapp library, with Browserify, a tool for bundling JS modules written in the Node.js style for the browser.
Test-driving a Node.JS API Building a simple RESTful JSON API through test-driven development (TDD).
Joris Ooms
Using Strict Mode in The Node.js REPL
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Managing the Asynchronous Nature of Node.js A look at three ways to avoid ‘callback hell’ in callback-heavy Node apps.
Maciej Sopyło
Working On Related Node.js Modules Locally
Romain Prieto
Watching and Listening
Example Debugging Session using DTrace and MDB Joyent’s Max Bruning demonstrates using DTrace and mdb on SmartOS (an OpenSolaris derivative) to solve a memory leak in a Node app.
Max Bruning
Libraries, Code and Tools
MEAN Stack Relational (Where 'M' Means MySQL) A simple and scalable starting point for JavaScript webapp development using a relational database ORM rather than MongoDB (the usual ‘M’ in MEAN).
Jeff Potter
Rehearsal: Record and Replay Program Output Records the output of a program on the terminal and then simulates real-time program execution. Good for doing presentations, etc, as it respects any timings and delays and the output can be tweaked.
Nicolas Bevacqua
Simple Git 'post-receive' Hook for Node + nvm + npm + node-foreman + init (Ubuntu) Deployment
Tom Robinson
Americano: Make Express.js More Opinioniated About Configuration Claims to make ExpressJS easier and quicker to start with by leaning on convention over configuration.
Cozy Cloud
alexarank: Get Alexa Traffic Rank for A Domain or URL
Frederic Cambus
Campaign: Send Responsive Emails from Node Compose responsive email templates easily, fill them with models, and send them out. Uses Mustache to fill out email templates, and Mandrill to send the emails, although it’s claimed providing your own service to send the emails is easy enough.
Nicolas Bevacqua
Node/Express with MySQL Authentication Boilerplate
Orlando Castillo
Wasabi: A Object Replication Library Designed for Games
Bryan Conrad
Assemble: A Static Site Generator for Node.js, Grunt.js and Yeoman
Full Stack JavaScript Engineer @ StyleSeat About Us: StyleSeat is the largest and fastest growing marketplace in the beauty industry. We're empowering an entire industry of small business owners to be more successful doing something they love, and we're innovating in an enormous market that has largel
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Last but not least..
npm graph: NPM Download Graphs A site that provides simple graphs of the level of downloads for specific libraries or contributors within the central npm repository.
DB Weekly: Our Forthcoming New Weekly It's not launching until February but our first new weekly of 2014 will be covering database technology from all angles.
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