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Node Weekly Issue 17
January 9, 2014
Introduction to HTML5-based Desktop Apps With Node-Webkit node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and Node.js that enables you to write desktop applications as a combination of HTML5 and Node.js code. This article explains how.
Introducing ./task.js, THE New JavaScript Task Runner Automation Framework James “substack” Halliday’s contribution to the build tool debate is tongue in cheek, but makes a serious point: Vanilla Node.js is quite capable when it comes to automation tasks.
O'Reilly's Fluent 2014 Conference: March 11-13, San Francisco
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Experiments with Koa and JavaScript Generators Koa is a new application framework for Node.js created by the team behind Express. It simplifies asynchronous programming via ECMAScript 6 generators.
Streams and Middleware in Strata.js Strata is a “streaming HTTP server for Node.js” and an alternative to Express.js. This article is an introduction to it.
Command Line Utilities with Node.js Some very elementary pointers.
George Ornbo
Mastering Node.js Logging Moving beyond console.log
Sagiv Ofek
Watching and Listening
Realtime Communications with Node.js A recorded webinar presentation that looks at tools and technologies like Socket.IO, WebSockets, SockJS and Primus, along with demos.
Full Stack JavaScript Engineer @ StyleSeat [San Francisco, CA] StyleSeat is the largest and fastest growing marketplace in the beauty industry. We're looking for a Full Stack JavaScript Engineer to join our team and help us launch the consumer side of our marketplace business. Node and Angular experience ideal.
Software Engineers at Neo (Singapore) Experienced, well-rounded software engineers to join us in Singapore. Our clients engage with us because we help them ship tested, well-crafted software that solves their hard business problems. We practice TDD, program in pairs, and work sustainable hours.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Swig: A Template Engine for Node.js and Browsers Uses similar methodologies as Django, Jinja2, and Twig template engines and is compatible with Express.
A Node.js Wrapper for the Tumblr API v2
Alexey Simonenko
sfx.js: Add Some Sound to Your Node Programs Want a notification when your node program has finished executing? Want a beep whenever your program has encountered an error? Ever just wanted your error messages read out? node-sfx is for you.
Adrian Cooney Simple Download Graphs For npm-Hosted Packages and Users
express-error-with-sources: Enhanced Express Error Handler That Displays Source Code Within Stack Trace
Echos: A Simple Node.js Echo Server and Client echos allows you to setup an echo server that will replay any text sent to it.
Rafael Corral
RobotIRC: Multifunction IRC Bot Written in Node Quite simple and supports a handful of commands.
Frederic Cambus
node-tftp: A Streaming TFTP Client and Server TFTP is a very simple, authenticationless protocol for local file transfer primarily used for the automated transfer of configuration or boot files between machines in a local environment.
Gabriel Llamas
alock: Arbitrary Locking Mechanism for Asynchronous Operations An event-based approach to locking asynchronous operations. Locks are established and freed on a key-by-key basis and are passed two arguments: a key to uniquely identify the operation you want to lock, and a callback.
Jordan Scales
Last but not least..
Hack Reactor: $100k Average Salaries. 98% Hiring Rate Become a full-stack engineer in 12 weeks at Hack Reactor’s software career accelerator. Includes 800 hours of instruction, Hiring Day and technical interview prep.
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