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Node Weekly Issue 18
January 16, 2014
The Next Phase of Node.js As Node continues to grow, it gets a new project leader, TJ Fontaine, as Isaac Schlueter hands over the reins and moves on to focusing on npm.
Isaac Z. Schlueter
Node.js and Express 101 A 92 minute screencast that teaches Node and Express from scratch.
Alex Ford
NodeDay - San Jose, CA - February 28 A free NodeJS conference that aims to take on the issues facing larger companies.
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Export This: Interface Design Patterns for Node.js Modules The author shares some observations of the Node module system and the ways in which you can use it to encapsulate and share code.
Alon Salant
Node.js, MongoDB, and You: An Intro in Parts A straightforward guide to getting started using MongoDB with Node. Not much new here but a reasonably compact example of bringing the two technologies together.
Token-based Authentication with Socket.IO Authentication in realtime frameworks can be challenging. José looks at an approach using tokens with Express and
José F. Romaniello
Libraries, Code and Tools
Lockit: An Express Authentication Solution Inspired by Ruby’s ‘devise’ library.
Mirco Zeiss
JSCS: JavaScript Code Style checker Complements JSHint (no overlapping functionality). For example: JSHint 3 dropped style conformance rules, JSCS supports them.
A Node.js-compatible JavaScript Interpreter for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Sort of. Your mileage may vary, etc. :-)
iOS App Store
Underscore.db: A Pure JavaScript Database for Node and The Browser
Ghost 0.4 'Aton' Released The Node.js-based blogging platform.
Args.js: Optional and Default Parameters for JavaScript
Joe Bain
grunt-githooks: A Grunt plugin to help bind Grunt tasks to Git hooks
Romaric Pascal
Senior Front End Engineer at NuORDER (Los Angeles, CA) We are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer with a great design aesthetic and solid JavaScript skills. Node and Mongo experience desired.
Last but not least..
O'Reilly's Fluent 2014 Conference: March 11-13, San Francisco
We’re back for another round of JavaScript oriented talks, tutorials, and community events this March in San Francisco. Catch up with folks like Paul Irish, Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, and Scott Hanselman. See the full schedule here.
O'Reilly Media
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