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Node Weekly Issue 19
January 23, 2014
Node.js and the Road Ahead Timothy J Fontaine, Node’s new project lead, outlines the state of the Node.js project and where things will be headed in the short term.
Timothy J Fontaine
npm Is Hiring Want to help the official Node package repository to be even better? Isaac Schlueter’s newly formed npm, Inc. is now looking for folks.
Nodejitsu Offering Simple Hosted Private npm Registries If you want to host packages privately on your own npm registry, this could be for you, though it doesn’t come cheap.
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Optimize Your Node.js Performance
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New Relic
What's New in (the forthcoming) Node.js v0.12 Performance-Wise Performance optimizations are the name of the game for the forthcoming Node 0.12. Support for ‘corking’ (where smaller writes can be combined into larger ones with less overheads) and improved performance for TLS, cryptography and the garbage collector are all included.
ECMAScript 6-style Symbols in Node
Sean McArthur
NodeJX vs Vert.x vs Node.JS Cluster Benchmarks
Render Interactive Graphs in Browser; Save Static Images in Node.js
Andrei Kashcha
Watching and Listening
Building Desktop Applications with Node Note: Rather quiet audio.
Toth Szabolcs
Senior Javascript Software Engineer (Waltham MA.) Championing the needs of small organizations, Constant Contact is hiring elite Front-end engineers, craftsmen looking to create sleek highly-interactive, web applications in an environment where Javascript is seen as a 1st-class citizen.
Constant Contact
JavaScript Developer in Amsterdam (visa and relocation provided) Are you interested in working on the best accommodation website used by millions of customers? Do you have solid experience developing with JS/HTML/CSS? is looking for experienced Front End Developers. Learn more about us in this video: http://www.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Uniter: A PHP to JavaScript Transpiler Still a work in progress, Uniter is an on-the-fly recompiling interpreter from PHP to JavaScript.
Dan Phillimore
node-webkit-hipster-seed: To Bootstrap A Crossplatform Desktop Application
Maximilian Stroh
Nodemon 1.0: A Command Line Utility to Detect File Changes and Restart Your App
Remy Sharp
node-smb2: SMB2 Client for Node.js Server Message Block (SMB) is a protocol most commonly used by Windows-based machines for file and printer sharing and the like.
Benjamin Chelli
Respawn.js: Spawn A Node.js Process and Restart It If It Crashes
Mathias Buus
Last but not least..
Last Day of Early Pricing for O'Reilly's Fluent 2014 Conference (Mar 11-13, SF)
We’re back for another round of great Web Platform and JavaScript oriented talks, tutorials, and community events this March in San Francisco with speakers including folks like Paul Irish, Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, and Scott Hanselman. See the full schedule here. Code TW20 will take a further 20% off the early reg price too :-)
O'Reilly Media
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