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Node Weekly Issue 2
September 5, 2013
Node v0.10.18 (Stable) Released Only a few tweaks. uv is upgraded to v0.10.15, a crash bug on unset_events has been fixed on stream, and stream now passes ‘buffer’ encoding with decoded writable chunks.
Node.js Blog
Node v0.11.7 (Unstable) Released v8 and uv upgrades, bugfixes for buffer, and more.
Node.js Blog
Tessel: Internet-Connected JavaScript-Programmable Microcontroller An internet-connected microcontroller programmable in JavaScript that enables developers to extend the reach of the web to physical things. Since Tessel is compatible with Node.js and leverages npm, adding additional capabilities is as easy as plugging in a Tessel module and installing its firmware with npm.
Dragon Innovation
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Heroku, the Node.js-Friendly Cloud Application Platform
Build and deliver Node.js apps on Heroku, fast. We run your app so you can focus on building it. When it’s time to grow, scale up web, worker, queue and other processes in a single command. Heroku takes care of operations, maintenance, provisioning and security so you don’t have to.
Analysis of Generators and Other Async Patterns in Node A lot to digest and enjoy here.
Gorgi Kosev
Generators vs Fibers Both ES6 generators and node-fibers can be used to block a coroutine while waiting on IO without blocking the entire process. Tim Caswell compares the approaches.
Tim Caswell
ES6 on Node.js A look at using a variety of ECMAScript 6 and Harmony features on a recent Unstable build of Node.
Node.js vs. PHP Azat Mardanov offers a point by point comparison of Node.js and PHP in terms of criteria such as the syntax, ecosystem, frameworks and more. From the comments comes an interesting PHP to JavaScript converter.
Flippin' Awesome
How Node.js Makes Network Code More Testable
Libraries, Code and Tools
Nor-fs: Chainable Asynchronous File System Library for Node.js An asynchronous filesystem library with chainable Q-based promises.
parse5: Fast Full-Featured HTML5 Parser for Node Based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification for a browser-quality experience.
Ivan Nikulin
Proxima: HTTP and TLS (HTTPS) Reverse Proxy Server Intended to replace full web servers for proxying Node.js applications.
Chris Ackerman
Heimcontrol.js - Home Automation in Node.js with Raspberry PI and Arduino An open source HTML5 and WebSockets powered home automation system built on Node, MongoDB, and Express.
Willi Thiel
source-map: JavaScript Library to Parse and Consume Source Maps
Sr. JavaScript Engineer (San Francisco - SOMA) Want to solve some the world's hardest JavaScript problems using the latest technologies for a well funded Big Data company? Join a successful and talented team that's experiencing extraordinary growth, and help us pave the road to the future in Big Data.
Last but not least..
npm's Origins and Node.js with Isaac Schlueter [audio] The Changelog crew interview Isaac Schlueter about the origins of npm, building an asynchronous web with Node.js, and how to get paid to work on open source.
The Changelog
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