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Node Weekly Issue 20
January 30, 2014
hackathon-starter: Boilerplate App for Node.js-Based Web Applications An app skeleton to get you started quickly. Builds on MongoDB, Express and Bootstrap. Comes with: authentication via Twitter, Facebook, Google, GitHub; account management; API examples (Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Twitter, PayPal, etc.); and more.
Sahat Yalkabov
Testing in Node.js An extensive introduction to test driven development in Node using Mocha and Chai. Perfect for beginners, both to TDD and the libraries involved.
Gabriel Manricks
NodeJX: A Variant of Node with a Multithreaded Core Supports multithreading and includes a messaging API for client platforms including Android, iOS, .NET, and browsers. Multiple isolated Node instances can run on a single process. A beta is now available for OS X, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows.
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Opening Files in Node.js Considered Harmful A slightly bombastic title, but a look at an interesting file descriptor related issue which is in the process of being patched in libuv.
Jen Andre
Deploying Files to AWS S3 from Node.js
Ken Tabor
Paving The Way for The New Node.js in the RethinkDB Driver Node 0.12.0 promises to introduce generators which can reduce the need for cumbersome callback code so Michel Tu took the opportunity to write a new callback-free driver for the RethinkDB database.
Michel Tu
JavaScript Game Development with Node.js, Grunt and Texture Packer
Thomas Viktil
Creating Apps with Angular and Node using Yeoman
Tyler Henkel
Building Graphical Email Reports using CasperJS
Node Releases
Node v0.11.11 (Unstable) v8, http_parser, openssl, and libuv upgrades, along with the usual small tweaks and fixes.
Node.js Blog
Node v0.10.25 (Stable)
Node.js Blog
Libraries, Code and Tools
Phys.JS: A Physics Library Built for JavaScript and Node.JS We’re not talking about physics for gaming here, but useful functions for working with truly difficult stuff like fields, forces and motions, quantum physics, electromagnetic induction, oscillations and thermal physics.
Abhi Agarwal
Serverfy: To Turn A Static HTML Site into a Node App
Taron Foxworth
pretty-error: Readable Errors for Node Renders Node.js errors in a more attractive fashion than the default.
mini-html-parser: A Mini HTML Parser for WebWorkers and Node
Matthew Mueller
Nightwatch.js: Run End-to-End Tests in Node.js Against A Selenium Server
Andrei Rusu
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