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Node Weekly Issue 21
February 6, 2014
The New npm Registry Architecture Isaac Schlueter describes some recent changes to the way that the official npm registry works.
Managing Node.js Callback Hell with Promises, Generators and Other Approaches A look at a simple nested ‘callback hell’ situation and some ways to solve the problem using a pure modular approach, the async module, promises, and generators.
Creating and Publishing A Node.js Module A simple start to finish guide. Ideal if you’ve not done it before.
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Creating a Simple RESTful Webapp with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB A long and up to date tutorial based around the latest Node, Express, Jade, etc. releases.
Christopher Buecheler
7 Minimal Node.js Web Frameworks for 2014 and Beyond Brief descriptions of Express, Flatiron, Koa, Total.js, Restify, SocketStream and Sails.js.
Alex Ivanovs
Getting Node.JS + SQL Server + Azure to Work Together
Dustin Davis
What Makes Node.js Faster Than Java? It’s not as clean cut as it seems but Node’s event driven nature has a big impact.
Headless Testing with Jasmine, PhantomJS and Grunt
Simon Smith
Enabling Generators in Mocha
Blake Embrey
Create A Node.js Project From Scratch with Node-Sass
Dale Sande
Eran Hammer On Hapi 2.0 Creator Eran Hammer walks through every feature of the 2.0 release of the Node.js framework Hapi in this two hour video.
Full Stack Engineer at HiringSolved (Chandler, AZ) Please come join our team so I can stop writing these stupid job descriptions and get back to building awesome distributed systems.
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Libraries, Code and Tools
casual: Fake Data Generator for JavaScript Very clean API and simple to use.
Egor Gumenyuk
flic: Easy Inter-process Communication via TCP for Node.js
Nick Comer
nData: A Flexible In-memory Data Server and Client Pair for Node.js Written in pure JavaScript.
Jonathan Gros-Dubois
test-requests: Connect Middleware to Trigger Server-side Actions During End-to-End Testing
Ted Dumitrescu
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