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Node Weekly Issue 22
February 13, 2014
npm, Inc. Announces a $2.6M Seed Round of Funding Shortly after Isaac Schlueter, the previous main Node maintainer, revealed his plans to take npm commercial, the new npm, Inc. has taken funding to pursue its goals.
npm, Inc.
No more 'npm publish -f' This feature allowed you to publish over the top of an already published version of a package. The change isn’t in the production releases yet but will be very soon.
Isaac Schlueter
Node-summary: Summarizes Text using A Naive Summarization Algorithm
James Brooks
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Build Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Node WebKit Ben Farrell explains how to build cross-platform desktop apps using HTML and JavaScript with Node WebKit and Yeoman.
Flippin' Awesome
TDD and BDD With The MEAN Stack: Introduction
Zach Pratt
Node.js and Real-Time Video Encoding
Roman Liutikov
Node.JS Applications Can Soon Benefit From Native LLVM Compilation?
Watching and Listening
A Private npm Registry in 4 Minutes Plus a little money (it's a commercial service).
Go Node Without Code Not exactly about Node developer per se, but Brian Rinaldi looks at the many ways Node and its npm ecosystem of JavaScript packages can help front-end developers, without doing any server-side programming.
O'Reilly Media
Libraries, Code and Tools
Introducing Sheetdown: A Node Module to Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a Markdown Table With an interesting writeup of how the library came together.
Jessica Lord
Tready.js: A Framework That Allows Running Components in Node.js and The Browser
Simon Jost
Cytoscape.js: A Graph Library for Analysis and Visualisation Optimally for displaying graphs on a Web page but you can use it headlessly on Node.js to do graph analysis in the terminal or on a web server.
Cytoscape Consortium
Express Route Grouping You can now extend your express.js application to now include route grouping. Group routes with a prefix.
Chris Johnson
npm-describe: NPM Package Dependencies (Textual) Visualization
Michael Kachanovskyi
node-express-grunt-boilerplate A boilerplate to start a new express project based on CoffeeScript, Grunt build system, pm2, Jade Template Engine and bootstrap.
Eunjae Lee
Quilter: Maps A File Directory to A CouchDB / Cloudant Database For Dropbox-style open source file sharing.
Max Thayer
intel v0.5 Released A hierarchical named logger library.
Sean McArthur
Last but not least..
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