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Node Weekly Issue 23
February 20, 2014
Node v0.10.26 (Stable) Released libuv updated, npm updated (now without publish -f support), and a variety of fixes.
Node.js Blog
katon: Automatically Start Your Node Based Projects and Serve Them Locally On .dev Domains A bit like Ruby’s Pow tool.
Bitcore: A Powerful Node Core for Your Bitcoin Project A complete, native interface to the Bitcoin network, and provides the core functionality needed to develop apps for Bitcoin.
From our Sponsor
Coveralls - Test Coverage History & Statistics Coveralls provides test coverage tracking and notifications for your project. We support the major CI services, local tests through our API, and you get a shiny coverage badge for your repo. Coveralls is free for open source projects.
How To Build A CLI Tool With Node.js And PhantomJS A walk through the concepts and techniques required to build a command line tool using Node.js and PhantomJS.
Smashing Magazine
How I Want to Write Node: Stream All The Things
Caolan McMahon
Managing Your Build Tasks With Gulp.js
Building a Chat Application with Express, SockJs and Angular
Loran Briggs
Watching and Listening
MEAN Stack - Episode 1 A 9 minute screencast walking through using the Yeoman ‘angular-fullstack’ generator to get going on a web app using the MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js) stack.
Libraries, Code and Tools
apiDoc: Inline Documentation for RESTful Web APIs apiDoc creates documentation from API descriptions in your source code.
path2: Modular, Browser Friendly Version of Node's 'path' Module
Mariusz Nowak
DozerJS: Foundational Framework for Node.js Web Services A system for rapidly developing services (i.e. back-end APIs) to support front-end applications. Dozer creates a core server environment using NodeJS and the Express framework then allows you to build api endpoints, database models, components and adapters which all work together to provide the services required on the front-end.
Node 'pngcrush' Wrapper That Optimizes PNG Images
Shogo Sensui
cacheman-file: File Caching Library for Node.js
Taron Foxworth
css-sprite: Generate Sprites and Corresponding CSS from a Directory of Images
Alexander Slansky
Flightplan: A Node Library to Run a Sequence of Commands Against Local and Remote Hosts
Patrick Stadler
Lead Front End Software Engineer - SpaceX (Hawthorne, CA) We seek to accelerate the course of human history by developing the technologies necessary to become a multi-planetary civilization. Your expertise shaping user-centric products is needed to revolutionize access to space.
Senior Software Engineer at Remind101 (San Francisco, CA)
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