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Node Weekly Issue 24
February 27, 2014
Nodyn: Node.JS for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) A Node-compatible framework, running on the JVM powered by the DynJS Javascript runtime running under vert.x - the polyglot application platform and event bus.
Why Nodejitsu Are Registering the 'npm' Trademark A controversial post from Nodejitsu about their plans to register the ‘npm’ trademark to protect the community against potential future malware. Mikeal Rogers has a response.
Node Mavens: Spread Some Love to Node Experts Who Inspire You An app that lets you nominate which people in the Node community you admire. One-man library machine TJ Holowaychuk is way out in the lead so far.
Node Mavens
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Building a Twitter Sentiment App in Node A tutorial for building an app that pulls in tweets in real time and performs sentiment analysis upon them.
Michael Herman
Building Command Line Tools in Node with Liftoff
Sustaining Open Replication and Scaling npm
Running Node.js + DTrace on FreeBSD
Fedor Indutny
Testing and Code Coverage With Node.js Apps
Greg Jopa
'npm install --save' No Longer Uses Tildes
Fred K Schott
Libraries, Code and Tools
mock-fs: Allows Node's 'fs' Module to Be Backed Temporarily by An In-Memory, Mock File System Lets you run tests against a set of mock files and directories instead of lugging around a bunch of test fixtures.
Tim Schaub
total.js: Another Web Framework for Node A visual example of some of the benefits is available.
Highland.js: High-Level Streams Library for Node.js and The Browser Highland manages synchronous and asynchronous code easily, using nothing more than standard JavaScript and Node-like Streams.
Caolan McMahon
hxTracer: A Dependency-Free JavaScript Tracer
Holiday Extras
ShareLaTeX: A Real-Time Collaborative LaTeX Editor Now Open Sourced Code on GitHub.
Last but not least..
A Heavyweight Node.js Playground in the Cloud Codio has everything you need to run Node.js and HTML5+CSS+JS applications 100% in the cloud and it’s completely free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with Node and NVM preinstalled for each and every project.
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