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Node Weekly Issue 25
March 6, 2014
PayPal and Netflix Cozy Up to Node.js Node.js advocates at a recent event at PayPal’s Silicon Valley offices told how they are moving over to Node.js, the server-side version of JavaScript, at Java’s expense.
An Open Letter to The Node Community (from Nodejitsu) “After listening to the deep concern that has been voiced over our application to register the npm trademark we have decided to withdraw the application from the USPTO.”
npm's Self-Signed Certificate is No More Some npm users recently received a ‘SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN’ error when installing and publishing packages. The cause: npm no longer supports its self-signed certificates.
The npm Blog
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Improve Your Node.js App Performance!
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Pub Sub with Node's Event Emitter The idea behind the Pub Sub approach is that objects can publish events, and data associated with those events. Other objects (or the same one) can then subscribe to those events, and be notified when those events occur, and gain access to the data in the event too.
JavaScript Playground
Continuous Integration with the MEAN Stack
JXcore – A Node.JS Distribution with Multi-threading Krzysztof Trzeciak discusses JXcore, a fork of Node that includes multi-threading, packaging and code security.
Flippin' Awesome
Living On The Edge, Trying Out Node 0.11 in Production
Gergely Nemeth
Better Testing Practices with Node.js and SQL Some tools and techniques for setting up a good automated testing workflow in Node.js apps that connect to SQL databases.
Ted Dumitrescu
Sending and Receiving Email from Node using Mandrill
Cloud Spinners
How to Install Keen IO Analytics Into Node.JS Apps in Mere Seconds
Modern Multi-Platform Web Developer ~ Live in Seattle & Visit Australia Do you live and breathe JavaScript? Advanced BusinessLink is a respected software boutique founded in Sydney, with our corporate headquarters now in Kirkland, WA. We’re looking for the right individual to join and possibly lead our Web Development team.
Senior Software Engineer at Remind101 (San Francisco, CA)
Libraries, Code and Tools
Caddis: The On-The-Fly JSON RESTful Server Allows you to start a server on localhost and dynamically add routes and JSON responses. Once stopped, any work is wiped; it is purely in-memory, session based.
Todd Anderson
Bloggy: A Small, Lightweight Blog Engine for Node.js
Marcell Spies
Dive Into Node.js Development with This Visual Studio Plugin Tony Patton reviews a plugin that brings Node.js development to Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. See what his tests reveal.
urltree: Named URL Data Structure with Support for URL Building An interesting way of building URLs with objects.
Artem Nezvigin
pattern-emitter: Node Event Emitters with Support for Regular Expressions
Daniel St. Jules
Last but not least..
Hack Reactor: $100k Average Salaries. 98% Hiring Rate Become a full-stack engineer in 12 weeks at Hack Reactor’s software career accelerator. Includes 800 hours of instruction, Hiring Day and technical interview prep.
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^lift Security Training A team preparing to offer Node.js-oriented security training.
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