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Node Weekly Issue 27
March 20, 2014
Nodemailer: Easy As Cake E-mail Sending From Your Node Apps An easy to use module to send e-mails from Node using SMTP or sendmail or Amazon SES or even your own defined method. Unicode friendly and Windows friendly too.
Andris Reinman
Slate: Modern IRC Client Built with Web Technologies and Node.js Works on OS X, Linux, and Windows. Themable with CSS. A nice minimalist look. Uses node-webkit.
KeystoneJS: Node.js CMS and Webapp Platform Built On Express and MongoDB Provides a customizable admin UI based upon your models.
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A Heavyweight Node.js Playground in the Cloud
Codio has everything you need to run Node.js and HTML5+CSS+JS applications 100% in the cloud and it’s completely free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with Node and NVM preinstalled for each and every project.
How to Publish A Package to npm You’ve been downloading modules from npm for a while now, and you want to make an open source package of your own. Let Evan be your guide.
Evan Hahn
12 Web Application Frameworks for Node.js
Getting Started with Hoodie is an Offline First and noBackend architecture for frontend-only web apps.
How Node.js Helped Us Make A Twitter and Instagram Powered E-paper Picture Frame
Watching and Listening
Modular JavaScript With npm and Node Modules This 25 minute video by Eric Elliott provides an introductory look at programming with Node.js-style modules (including using them in browsers, via the Browserify tool).
Libraries, Code and Tools
Interfake Creates Quick JSON APIs (using cli and http) Quickly create fake APIs for use in client-only tests or prototypes.
Daniel Hough
chnpm: npm Configuration Switcher
Vsevolod Strukchinsky
Express-di: Bring Dependency Injection to Express This module monkeypatches Express, allowing you to define ‘dependencies’ by providing the app.factory() method, after which you can use the ‘dependencies’ in your routes following the Dependency Injection pattern.
Zihua Li
torrent-stream.js: Access Files Inside A Torrent As Node Streams
Mathias Buus
Sculpt: A Collection of Node.js Transform Stream Utilities for Simple Data Manipulation
Exterminate: A Terminal Emulator Application (like Xterm) Runs as a Google Chrome app.
James Halliday
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