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Node Weekly Issue 29
April 3, 2014
Node.js Security in the Enterprise Recently, PayPal hosted the inaugural NodeDay and this talk by Adam Baldwin looks at security concerns in large Node.js app deployments.
Node.js in Action
A book that’s a few months old now, but I just saw on Twitter that Manning are doing an offer for today only of 50% off with the code ‘dotd040314cc’ so might be worth a try if you’re interested.
Manning Publications
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New Relic strengthens Node.js with new features
The Node.js team at New Relic recently brought the power of browser monitoring to Node.js. The new browser monitoring features also include JavaScript errors and AJAX timings. Check out New Relic’s blog to see how their team keeps iterating, improving and releasing new features.
New Relic
Building a Node OAuth2 server A walkthrough of a test-driven implementation of an OAuth server using Node.
Nebulous Profit Meditations: How Will npm Make Money?
npm, Inc
Outbound SSL Performance in Node.js A look at some of the SSL configuration adjustments that PayPal has found can dramatically improve outbound SSL performance.
PayPal Engineering Blog
Introduction to npm Toby Ho discusses how npm works for package management and how you can create and publish your own packages.
Flippin' Awesome
Build Node.js Apps in Five Quick Steps on Orchestrate
The Orchestrate Blog
Watching and Listening
The Business Case for Node Joe McCann, COO of the Node Firm, looks at the opportunities and benefits of Node for enterprise businesses.
Libraries, Code and Tools
JXcore Combines SQLite and Node.JS for Raspbian Regular Node.js can take hours to compile on the Raspberry Pi but JXcore have a Pi-focused binary of their Node.js variant ready to go. It includes SQLite too.
Oguz Bastemur
document-highlighter: Context-aware Highlighting for Search Queries in HTML Documents
Matthieu Bacconnier
Adapting The Azure Queue API For Node.js
K. Scott Allen
sift.js: MongoDB Inspired Array Filtering Want to filter your arrays in a similar way to MongoDB queries? Now you can, in both the browser and Node.
Craig Condon
Peroxide: Node.js Asset Proxy Server for Dev Environments A common problem when working in a dev environment with production data is that some assets will need to point to local files and others will need to point to production servers (depending on the environment they were created in).
Creative Market
Sipster: High-level SIP Stack for Node.js A pjsip (or more accurately a pjsua2) binding for node.js. pjsip is an open source command line SIP user agent (softphone).
Brian White
WolverineJS: Library for Server-Side Logging with Levels and Special Error Object Logging
Talysson de Oliveira Cassiano
Last but not least..
The 1st Node.js Secure Development Training is coming to Portland on April 30 ^lift security has designed a training to help you understand security challenges while developing node.js web apps, building habits that turn security from a worry into a comfortable part of your development. Seats are limited, get your ticket today.
^lift security  Sponsored
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