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Node Weekly Issue 3
September 12, 2013
Using Node.js and WebSockets to Build a Chat Service A tutorial by Guillaume Besson that walks through using Node and to build a real time chat app. (Could chat apps qualify as Node’s ‘Hello, World!’ nowadays? :-))
Getting Started With Node.js, Express, MongoDB The longer title is ‘the dead-simple step-by-step guide for front-end developers to getting up and running with Node.js, Express, Jade, and MongoDB’. And, yep, it’s a pretty extensive step-by-step tutorial.
Christopher Buecheler
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Deploy Node.js apps easily with Heroku
Heroku runs your Node.js apps so you can focus on building them. Our simple command-line tool makes it easy to deploy your app, scale up, collaborate with others, and install add-ons like MongoDB and Redis. We take care of operations, maintenance, provisioning and security so you don’t have to.
Build Custom Shells with Node Shotgun A look at using Shotgun to build interactive shell applications, as well as using shotgun-client to hook them up to the Web.
Alex Ford
Creating a REST API with Node.js and Hapi Hapi is a configuration-centric framework for building webapps and APIs that makes building a REST API a snap.
Adobe's new 'Generator' for Photoshop CC uses Node.js for Scripting Adobe Generator is a new tool that allows you to more easily create automated workflows for working with Photoshop documents. Generator is based on the Node.js platform and plug-ins can be written in JavaScript.
Adobe Photoshop Blog
Do Not Use bodyParser with Express.js A look at a potential vulnerability in apps using express.bodyParser (which has since been fixed, but was the source of many conversations on Twitter this past week).
Andrew Kelley
Node's Unicode Dragon JavaScript treats strings as UCS-2 which isn’t usually a problem but can result in interoperability problems. Conrad Irwin shows us how to slay these ‘dragons’.
Conrad Irwin
It Ain't About The Callbacks... It's About The Flow Control Critiques of the callback approach in Node.js.
Configure Your Staging Machine with Node.js and NGINX
Donald-Derek Haddad
Libraries, Code and Tools
Dropzone: Easily Share Files Peer to Peer An app for sharing files by hosting the files from your own machine without uploading. Built on Node and Node-webkit.
Bram van der Veen
node-forky: Manages Your 'cluster' Module Stuff for You Forky makes using the cluster module easier without preventing you from using it directly.
Brian Carlson
Hyper: A Real-Time Desktop HTML5 Editor Works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Written using Node and node-webkit.
Jared Wright
loadtest: Runs A Load Test On The Selected URL or WebSocket
Alex Fernández
node-huxley: A Port of The Codeless Front-End Testing Tool, Huxley
Cheng Lou
Last but not least..
My Node.js/Rasperry Pi Powered Aquarium Is Up and Running
Bryan Hughes
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