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Node Weekly Issue 31
April 17, 2014
Build a RESTful API Using Node and Express 4 Creating a RESTful API using Node, Express 4 and its updated router, along with Mongoose to interact with a MongoDB instance and Postman in Chrome for API testing.
Chris Sevilleja
ExpressJS 4.0 Released: The Minimal Node Webapp Framework This is just a link to the docs, you might also find the older ExpressJS 4.0: New Features and Upgrading from 3.0 article useful.
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Building a Recipe Search Site with Angular and Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is an open-source storage engine built on Lucene that’s powerful yet easy to use, and it’s easily tied into a Node app using the elasticsearch module.
Beyond Express: An Intro to Koa.Js and A Preview of Zones Koa is a Node application framework created by the team behind Express and launched earlier this year. This is a quick introduction.
NodeJS is Human Jonathan contemplates how Node’s asynchronous nature matches that of humans in general.
Jonathan D. Johnson
Build Node.js Apps in Five Quick Steps on Orchestrate Orchestrate is a commercial ‘data platform’.
The Orchestrate Blog
Arduino and NodeJS Communication With Serial Ports
Danial Khosravi
Comparing Node.js Promises, Try/Catch, Angular Zone.js and yes, Zone
Watching and Listening
Controlling an Arduino with Node.js and Johnny Five
Johnny Five is a JavaScript Arduino programming framework and this high quality 20 minute video from Patrick Catanzariti is a great introduction to using it to work with an Arduino board.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Iridium: A High Performance, Bare Metal MongoDB ORM for Node.js Iridium was designed to alleviate many of the issues often present in modern ORMs, especially those designed for NoSQL datastores like MongoDB.
Sierra Softworks
Piston x86-64 Assembler: An x86 Assembler Written in CoffeeScript A NASM syntax based symbolic machine code compiler for the x86-64 architecture, fully working in browser and in Node based environments. Its homepage has a live demo.
Tommi Pisto
hackathon-starter: A Boilerplate App for Node.js-Based Web Applications We ran this a long time ago but it has been updated since. It's a monumental app skeleton to get you started on building an app quickly that builds on top of MongoDB, Express and Bootstrap.
Sahat Yalkabov
no-exif: Removes Exif and GPS Location Data From JPEG Images
Buster Collings
Client and Server (Node.js) JavaScript Engineers (NZ or Remote) We're looking for Client and Server engineers to help us build the next generation of design software. Use cutting edge technologies to work on some extraordinary challenges, and build a product that matters.
Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft (Redmond, WA) In Visual Studio Cloud Services we pride ourselves on building fast, scalable web applications to make developers productive. We are looking for javascript developers that thrive in fast paced agile environment, shipping to production multiple times a month.
Last but not least
Mobile Web Weekly: Our New Mobile Web Development Newsletter Curated by Telerik's Brian Rinaldi and Adobe's Holly Schinsky. Check out the latest issue - it's just a single click to sign up from there if you like it :-)
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