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Node Weekly Issue 32
April 24, 2014
Node Version Manager 0.5 Released nvm is a simple bash script to manage multiple active Node.js versions.
Tim Caswell
Creating a Node Web App With Hapi and Twilio Integration Hapi is a Node web app/service framework and Twilio is a service that provides telecoms integration. This tutorial shows how to create a simple app that can receive SMS text messages using both.
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The 1st Node.js Secure Development Training is coming to Portland on April 30
^lift security has designed a training to help you understand security challenges while developing node.js web apps, building habits that turn security from a worry into a comfortable part of your development. Seats are limited, get your ticket today.
^lift security
How To Write A Simple Node.js/MongoDB Web Service for an iOS App
Michael Katz
Using Streaming Chunked HTML to Get Node.js to Deliver More Data
How to Leverage SQL Server with Node.js using Edge.js A look at an interesting way to leverage .NET technologies that have been otherwise hard to use from Node. Edge.js is a Node module that allows .NET code and assemblies to run in the same process as your Node app itself.
Pub/Sub In Node.js Apps Using Azure Service Bus Topics
Shiju Varghese
Code Protection and Packaging for Node.js Projects with JXCore A look at how you can package and protect your Node.js source code using the JXCore project by Krzysztof Trzeciak.
Flippin' Awesome
ECMAScript 6 Examples for Node.JS A work in progress.
Justin Drake
Call Dev/Prod Scripts via Data-* Attributes and Node
Kent Safranski
Watching and Listening
Error Handling in Node.js Jamund Ferguson looks at ways to sanely handle errors across your JavaScript stack. He looks at patterns for dealing with synchronous and asynchronous errors and discusses when and where they’re appropriate.
MountainWest JavaScript 2014
Libraries, Code and Tools
es6inode: ECMAScript 6 Polyfill for Node.js With a single line, your ES6 code is transpiled through Google Traceur.
bleno: A Node Module for Implementing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Peripherals
Sandeep Mistry
Intern: Next-Generation JavaScript Testing Stack Runs tests in browsers and Node.js and supports SauceLabs and Selenium. Tests can be written in several styles (BDD etc.). Code coverage is enabled by Istanbul, continuous integration via Travis CI. It has been mentioned in JavaScript Weekly before but continues to be updated.
Maintenance: Express.js Middleware for Switching An App to Maintenance Mode
mobile-icon-resizer: Node-based Batch iOS and Android Icon Resizing Tool This tool can be used to resize iOS and Android application icons in batch. That is, given a 1024x1024 icon, this tool will generate all necessary icon sizes.
Google Distance Matrix API for Node.js Easily get traveling distance and duration data between locations with the Google Distance Matrix API.
Edward Look
Client and Server (Node.js) JavaScript Engineers (NZ or Remote) We're looking for Client and Server engineers to help us build the next generation of design software. Use cutting edge technologies to work on some extraordinary challenges, and build a product that matters.
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