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Node Weekly Issue 33
May 1, 2014
On-Board: Intel Galileo Programming with JavaScript and Node.js Galileo is a new Intel microcontroller board built around a 32 bit Pentium-brand processor that’s hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino shields. Rick Waldron, creator of the Johnny Five Arduino framework, looks at the platform and how he got Johnny Five working with it.
Node.js On The Road: What to Expect From The v1.0 Release
SD Times
MediacenterJS: A Node.js-based Media Center for your Browser An XBMC-style ‘media center’ with a backend based on Node with Express.JS and Jade templates. The code is on GitHub.
Jan Smolders
From our Sponsor
New Relic strengthens Node.js with new features
The Node.js team at New Relic recently brought the power of browser monitoring to Node.js. The new browser monitoring features also include JavaScript errors and AJAX timings. Check out New Relic’s blog to see how their team keeps iterating, improving and releasing new features.
New Relic
Express.js 4, Node.js and MongoDB REST API Tutorial Azat had a popular ‘build a REST API in Node using Express’ tutorial that became out of date with the release of Express.js 4, so here’s a brand new tutorial covering Express.js 4, Node.js and MongoDB for building a RESTful API server.
Azat Mardanov
Finding The Right Node.JS WebSocket Implementation A journey with ws, Socket.IO, Engine.IO, and Primus. A lot of information and benchmarks here.
Deniz Ozger
Node.js Performance Tip of the Week: Heap Profiling
Explore the Marvel Universe with Node and Orchestrate A look at building a Node app to search and view all of the Marvel Comics data available over their API. The data gets stored in the Orchestrate service.
Deploying a Node.js app to IBM BlueMix BlueMix is a platform as a service (PaaS) offering based on the Cloud Foundry open source project that promises to deliver enterprise-level features and services.
Joe Lennon
Watching and Listening
Getting Started With NodeJS: Installing And Writing Your First Code A set of high quality videos for if you're still new to Node (or want to recommend to other developers who want to get involved with Node).
Building a Bitcoin Payment Site with Node.js and Bitpay
Libraries, Code and Tools
Debug: A Small JS Library for Logging Debug Messages A wrapper around console.log so it works in both Node and the browser. It allows you to filter logging output without changing your source and it also outputs time differences.
Toby Ho
PushServer: Node Server for Sending Apple APNS Push Notifications A Node-based server that runs on Heroku for sending Apple APNS push notifications. It uses MongoDB to store device token information and subscribed channel lists.
Chad Etzel
torrent-mount: Mount A Torrent As A Filesystem in Real Time
Mathias Buus
Distill: Clean Up Your JSON Objects with Ease. A simple library that helps you clean up ‘dirty’ JSON objects. For instance, if you’re providing an API.
Original Machine
RhapsodyJS: HMVC and REST Framework Built On Top of Express 4
Talysson de Oliveira Cassiano
Thinky: A Light Node.js ORM for RethinkDB RethinkDB is an open-source distributed database that stores JSON documents.
Michel Tu
image-type: Detect The Image Type of A Buffer/Uint8Array
Sindre Sorhus
Last but not least..
Codeship: Continuous Deployment made simple Codeship lets you set up Continuous Integration in a few minutes and automatically deploys when all your tests have passed. Continuously deploy your GitHub/BitBucket projects to Heroku, AWS, Nodejitsu, Google App Engine or your own servers. Start with the free plan.
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