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Node Weekly Issue 34
May 8, 2014
Node v0.10.28 (Stable) Released Last week’s 0.10.27 release was quickly followed by .28 which is solely focused on an upgrade of npm to 1.4.9 due to a bug in 1.4.8.
Node.js Blog
Generators in Node.js: Common Misconceptions and Three Good Use Cases Generators are function executions that can be suspended and resumed at a later point. Marc Harter looks at how they’re formed, what their limits are, and some good use cases for them.
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A Heavyweight Node.js Playground in the Cloud
Codio has everything you need to run Node.js and HTML5+CSS+JS applications 100% in the cloud and it’s completely free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with Node and NVM preinstalled for each and every project.
Simple Content Management with Node.js and Markdown Krasimir Tsonev walks through Techy, a simple content management system built on Node.js that uses Markdown for formatting.
Flippin' Awesome
Writing Selenium Tests with Node (The Enjoyable Way)
Tim Ambler
Edge.js Brings Node and .NET Together On Three Platforms Scott Hanselman looks at Edge.js, a technology that lets you run Node.js and .NET code together in-process on Windows, OS X and Linux.
Scott Hanselman
Node.js Performance Tip of the Week: Memory Leak Diagnosis
Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp
Jeff Dickey
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Node.js Probably not for most readers but a good article to share to those who’ve not yet tried Node.
Brandon Cannaday
Detecting File Type in Node
How Node.JS Applications Will Benefit From Replacing V8 with JXcore Biased, but it’s good to see development in this space, especially as it seems JXcode will eventually be open sourced.
Oguz Bastemur
Watching and Listening
The History of Node.js Streams Dominic looks at how streams have developed from the early days of event emitters, to pipe, to streams2, objectMode, and also explores alternative streams and oddities including reducers, pull-streams, and fstream.
Dominic Tarr
Build a Killer Node.js Client for Your REST+JSON API Les Hazlewood covers what Stormpath learned when building a Node SDK for their service.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Full Stack JS Amber: A Boilerplate with Ember On The Client and A Node Server API
Mock-Couch: A CouchDB Server for your Unit Tests Mock Couch will create an HTTP server that emulates the responses of a real CouchDB server.
Christopher Luna
Starsky: A High-Level Node Module for Building Services on RabbitMQ
Want to Calculate The Travel Distance From New York to San Francisco in Node? google-distance is a library that wraps the Google Distance Matrix API.
André König
Node v0.11.13 (Unstable) Released
Node.js Blog
sentiment: To Perform Sentiment Analysis in Node.js
Thinky: A Node JavaScript ORM for RethinkDB
Michel Tu
A 10 Week Residence for Highly Skilled Engineers Significance Labs believes tech can solve real problems for low income Americans and are looking for excellent engineers to help us in that mission. They’re a not-for-profit socially conscious tech incubator, focusing on bringing the lean startup methodology to the world of charity.
Significance Labs
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