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Node Weekly Issue 35
May 15, 2014
Scaling Node.js with recluster Take advantage of multi-core environments with the recluster library. It provides an API for spawning child processes and scaling out a program to all available cores.
Gary Chambers
Migrating Express.js 3.x to 4.x: Middleware, Route and Other Changes A brief migration guide for bringing your existing Express apps up to speed with version 4 of the popular framework.
Azat Mardanov
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Building a RESTful API With Node A multi-part tutorial series that starts off with a problem the author wishes to resolve: ‘With an ever growing collection of beer, I am in dire need of a way to store and track my beer.’
Scott K Smith
A Summary of Scoped Modules in npm
Node.js Testing Essentials A small part of the Node.js Handbook that quickly introduces a few Node-related testing tools and a code example of them working together.
Fred K Schott
Offered: Fame and Fortune for Your Thoughts If you’ve solved an interesting problem lately, discovered a new tool, or want to showcase your latest project, why not reach a huge audience and be paid for it? SitePoint is always on the lookout for new writers. Write an occasional article, or become a regular contributor.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Fenix: Static Web Servers for the Desktop A Node-based desktop app that allows you to launch, share, and kill HTTP servers through a pretty GUI. There’s also ssh-tunneling to expose servers to the world. The source is an interesting example of a Node desktop app using node-webkit as well.
Corey Butler
Cody: A CMS on Node.js
Johan Coppieters
MEAN.JS: An Open-Source Full-Stack Solution For MEAN Applications Aims to provide a solid starting point for tying MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js together for webapp development.
Synth: A Back-End Framework for Making (Angular|Ember|Backbone) Web Apps Easier to Create A web framework for synthesizing API-first web apps that also have web front-ends.
Jon Abrams
Last Dashboard: A Node-powered Dashboard
Trash: A Node Command Line App for Moving Files and Directories to The Trash Cross platform. Billed as a safer alternative to ‘rm’.
Sindre Sorhus
Nodster: A node-webkit App for Finding and Playing MP3s Use at your own legal risk :-)
David Wong
Veria CMS: A Lightweight, Responsive Node.js Blogging Platform
Steve Papa
Last but not least..
Stormpath - User Management in Node Stormpath’s Node module and Passport integration make it easier to register, authenticate and manage users fast. The Stormpath User Management API handles registration, login, password security, access control, social login, custom profiles and more. npm install stormpath
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