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Node Weekly Issue 37
May 29, 2014
LoopBack: A New Node.js Framework by StrongLoop Use a command line based wizard to create REST APIs based around models. Includes role-based access controls. Connect to a variety of backend data stores.
Node.js Frameworks and Stacks to Build Future Enterprise Apps A quick look at some of the top options for enterprise developers in need of a Node.js framework.
Adron Hall
NodeRT: WinRT Modules Generator for Node.js NodeRT automatically exposes Microsoft’s WinRT APIs to the Node.js environment by generating Node modules so you can write code that consumes native Windows capabilities easily.
From our Sponsor
New Relic strengthens Node.js with new features
The Node.js team at New Relic recently brought the power of browser monitoring to Node.js. The new browser monitoring features also include JavaScript errors and AJAX timings. Check out New Relic’s blog to see how their team keeps iterating, improving and releasing new features.
New Relic
Building a RESTful API With Node - Authentication with Passport The next step in a series we’ve mentioned before where Scott walks through building a RESTful service for managing a beer collection. This time, Scott looksa looks at user accounts and authentication using Passport.
Scott Smith
A New Node.js Company, NodeSource, Opens Its Virtual Doors
Boilerplate-Free Promises in Node Promises help you get out of callback hell but have their own issues of duplicated boilerplate code. Josh looks at an alternative offered by the Bluebird promise library.
Josh Mock
Understanding module.exports and exports in Node.js
Cho S. Kim
Libraries, Code and Tools
Introducing Socket.IO 1.0: A Leap Forward for the Real-Time Communications Library After what looked like a long quiet period for the popular project, the milestone 1.0 release is now out. Guillermo shows off how it’s been re-architectured and all of the new features and changes. It’s an exciting leap forward for sure.
Guillermo Rauch
rdb: A Node ORM for PostgreSQL A new ORM that hopes to make interacting with Postgres from Node a better experience. Supports transactions, eager or lazy loading, promises.
Lars-Erik Roald
pggy: A Node-based Terminal UI for Postgres Brings together the blessed Node curses library and Knex.js, a database query builder. Still a work in progress.
Bulkan Evcimen
express-enforces-ssl: Enforce SSL for ExpressJS Projects Enforces HTTPS connections on any incoming requests by redirecting non HTTPS requests using a 301 permanent redirect.
Hengki Sihombing
dustmail.js: Email Module Powered by Dust Templates
NodeCraft Hosting
Scribble With: A Collaborative Whiteboard Built on Node, Express, HTML5 and WebSockets
Feathers: Get REST and Real-time APIs Running on top of Express.js Sits on top of Express.js and provides a simple framework for building Meteor-style real-time apps. Allows you to build services (CRUD-style) that automatically come with a REST API and Socket.IO events.
project-router: Promise Based Routing for Express Apps Claims to be similar to how the Ember router works.
Moudy Elkammash
factory-girl: A Factory Library for Node.js and The Browser Inspired by Ruby's factory_girl
Simon Wade
Last but not least..
Stormpath - User Management in Node Stormpath’s Node module and Passport integration make it easier to register, authenticate and manage users fast. The Stormpath User Management API handles registration, login, password security, access control, social login, custom profiles and more. npm install stormpath
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