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Node Weekly Issue 38
June 5, 2014
npm Passes RubyGems in Terms of Module Count It appears that as of June 3rd, there are more Node modules on than Ruby gems on Java’s Maven Central appears to be the next repository to pass.
Writing Command-Line Utilities with Node.js: A Straightforward Tutorial Uses TJ Holowaychuk’s Commander.js.
Glynn Phillips
Nodevember: A JavaScript Conference in Nashville, TN - November 15-16 The CFP is open until August 3rd if you want to speak. Tickets aren’t available till July but it might be one for the calendar.
From our Sponsor
New Relic strengthens Node.js with new features
The Node.js team at New Relic recently brought the power of browser monitoring to Node.js. The new browser monitoring features also include JavaScript errors and AJAX timings. Check out New Relic’s blog to see how their team keeps iterating, improving and releasing new features.
New Relic
Node.js in Production Jeff Dickey outlines some of the best practices for putting Node.js into production around a setup of a load balance and two app servers. Deployment is performed by a single command from a developer’s terminal.
The Carbon Emitter
Build Interactive Voicemail with Twilio, MongoDB, Angular, and Node.js
Preserving Data Across Async Callbacks in Node How to use the AsyncListener API and a module called continuation-local-storage to track which log entries are related to each other on an Express app.
Watching and Listening
Transitioning Groupon to Node.js At EmpireJS 2014, Sean McCullough shared information about Groupon’s stack and the lessons learned in migrating from a monolithic Rails app to a Node-based infrastructure.
Sean McCullough
Libraries, Code and Tools
Vatican.js: A Framework for Building REST APIs on Node Uses the concept of ‘annotations’ to help define the endpoints quickly and easier than writing a routes file. Also borrows the concept of middleware used by Connect and other Connect dependent frameworks, but extends it to be able to use middleware for both request and response.
Fernando Doglio
River4: Dave Winer's Latest 'River of News' Aggregator, Built on Node Dave Winer, a prolific engineer well known for his work on RSS, has built a new ‘river of news’-style feed aggregator using Node. It stores all of its data on Amazon S3 and it’s open source.
Dave Winer
browser-perf: Performance Metrics for Web Browsers A Node based tool for measuring browser performance metrics (layout, paint, DOM load, etc.)
Parashuram N
Ramda: A Practical Functional Library for JavaScript Programmers The code is the documentation.
Scott Sauyet
mongo-select: Module to Help Create Projection Objects When Working with MongoDB
Damian Schenkelman
Omelette.js: Simple Autocompletion Helper for Node.js CLI Tools
Fatih Kadir Akin
nodeifications: Simple Cross Platform Desktop Notifications for node-webkit Inspired by Chrome’s notifications system.
Petar Bojinov
Last but not least..
A Heavyweight Node.js Playground in the Cloud Codio has everything you need to run Node.js and HTML5+CSS+JS applications 100% in the cloud and it’s completely free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with Node and NVM preinstalled for each and every project.
Codio  Sponsored
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