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Node Weekly Issue 39
June 12, 2014
Notes from the Road An update from Node’s project lead, TJ Fontaine, on the team’s efforts to travel around and engage with Node users on their home turf.
TJ Fontaine
Broadening Node.js Contributions Bryan Cantrill reflects on some changes to the process behind contributing to the Node.js codebase. Until now, contributors have had to sign a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) but this requirement has now been removed, making it easier to get involved.
Real-Time Chat With Node.js' Readline and A tutorial by Matt Harzewski on using the readline module to create a powerful(ish) terminal-based prompt that you can then build a chat system on top of.
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Seven Things You Should Stop Doing with Node.js More of a conversation starter than a set of strict rules. Items include stopping using callbacks, console.log, semicolons (uh-oh!), comma first style, and more.
Azat Mardan
A Quick Interview with TJ Fontaine, Node.js Core Team Leader
Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, Node.js and MongoDB A superbly thorough and well-presented tutorial. It goes all the way from starting a new Express project through to deploying it on Heroku.
Sahat Yalkabov
Receiving Emails with Node using Mailin
Automating Web Performance Measurement With PSI For Node
Addy Osmani
Convention-based, Modular MVC with Shared Rendering in Node.js Nicolas Bevacqua discusses the reasons he created the Taunus framework, what makes it different and how it works.
Flippin' Awesome
Laser Intrusion Detection with Johnny-Five on Node.js Rick Waldron hooks up a laser to JavaScript using Node and Arduino.
Controlling a Relay with Johnny-Five on Node.js Another practical article by Rick Waldron.
The Emperor’s New Clothes Were Built with Node.js Emotions run high in both the pro- and anti-Node camps, Eric takes a saner look at some of the arguments around using it.
Eric Jiang
Node Hardware Hacking with Tessel
Libraries, Code and Tools
BridJS: Bind Any C Functions and Structures Without Writing Any Extra Native Code A BridJ-like API for runtime binding of C functions and structs without writing any extra native code.
Olivier Chafik and Jia-Han Su
somewhere.js: A Small JSON File Database for Node.js
David Rey
bud: A Minimalistic Task Manager
Azer Koçulu
node-drawille: Drawing in the Terminal with Unicode Braille Characters
Bence Dányi
Last but not least..
We've Gone Global: Apply Today to Hack Reactor Remote Previously only in San Francisco, attend the “Harvard” of Coding Schools wherever you are. Limited half-scholarships being offered, classes start July 21st, recommended application deadline: June 24th.
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