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Node Weekly Issue 4
September 19, 2013
Featured Learn Node.js with Interactive Lessons
Install choose-your-own-adventure style lessons and learn how to use Node.js, npm and other related tools by writing code to solve realistic problems.
How to Use Node and Photoshop Generator to Script Adobe Photoshop CC A great 25 minute screencast.
Lee Brimelow
From our Sponsor
Deploy Node.js apps easily with Heroku
Heroku runs your Node.js apps so you can focus on building them. Our simple command-line tool makes it easy to deploy your app, scale up, collaborate with others, and install add-ons like MongoDB and Redis. We take care of operations, maintenance, provisioning and security so you don’t have to.
7 Tips for A Node.js Padawan A handful of things a Node developer wished he’d known earlier on. Includes a tool to automatically run your Node apps, a debugging tip, performance monitoring, module management, and more.
Faisal Abid
Chrome V8's Launch Process and Guidelines Google’s V8 JavaScript implementation is the engine behind Node.js and the JavaScript implementation in Chrome. This document shares their guidelines for ‘language-facing’ changes and the process through which they are enforced.
Google Developers
A Taste of FruitJS Andrew Hushbeck discusses how to use and how he built FruitJS, a Node.js utility that converts documentation written in Markdown into an HTML site.
Flippin' Awesome
How to Upload Pictures From A PhoneGap Application to Node.js
Christophe Coenraets
An Introduction to Dependency Injection in Node.JS
Joshua Holbrook
I've Written A Node CLI.. So Now What?
Jonathan Fielding
Libraries, Code and Tools
TripleSec: Triple-Paranoid Symmetric Encryption Library An open-source library for the browser and Node.js. TripleSec encrypts data with Salsa 20, AES, and Twofish, so that a compromise of one or two of the ciphers will expose nothing.
RESTly: A Simple and Lightweight REST API Framework Based on Express. Define your own routes, all parameter validation is handled for you, get interactive docs for your API, apply custom authentication for selected routes, caching, and more.
Matt Collins
Getting Hierchical Data From Redis with Node.js
Stack Overflow
modQuery: Create SQL Queries Functionally with JavaScript Makes writing pure SQL queries more friendly with a functional flow.
Evangelos Pappas
node-argp: Command-line Option Parser for Node.js
Gabriel Llamas
build-brite: A Physical Build Indicator Using Arduino, A Tri-color LED, and johnny-five
Sara Chipps
Wintersmith: Flexible, Minimalist Node.js Static Site Generator
Johan Nordberg
Chocolate.js: A Simple Webapp Framework Built on Node.js using CoffeeScript
Last but not least..
The O'Reilly Fluent Conference 2014 Call for Proposals Is Open Fluent, a conference dedicated to the intersection of the Web Platform, JavaScript, Node, and HTML5, is back in San Francisco for its third year in March 2014. With almost 1200 attendees earlier this year, Fluent is one of the leading events in the space and the CFP ends on September 30. Come submit your ideas.
O'Reilly Media
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