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Node Weekly Issue 40
June 19, 2014
OpenSSL and Breaking UTF-8 Change (Fixed in Node v0.8.27 and v0.10.29) Two interesting releases that not only address an OpenSSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224 but also a UTF-8 quirk in V8. The UTF-8 fix does break backwards compatibility, so you need to look into it, although the old behavior can be reintroduced via an environment variable.
Node.js Blog
Building Native Apps with Node.js (video) Jacob Lowe takes a high level 20 minute look at the growing interest in creating GUI-based apps (as opposed to servers or webapps) with Node, such as with node-webkit or Atom’s atom-shell.
Resources to Get You Up to Speed in Node.js Rey Bango looks at 9 different resources (including yours truly) for learning about and staying up to date with Node including main project sites, a podcast, and a blog aggregator.
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Diving into Node's require() We all know what ‘require’ does, but how does it work? Fred digs into its behavior and implementation.
Fred K Schott
High Availability Node.js at Box
Nicholas C Zakas
Developing a Node.js app with Docker First in a two part series looking at building a Node webapp on top of Express, using Docker to get Node and Redis (the underlying datastore) running within a container for both development and, eventually, production use.
Abhinav Ajgaonkar
Node Needs An Alternative Approach to Endless, Recursively Nested 'node_modules' Folders On Windows A lengthy discussion about an interesting issue raised on the main Node repository. Essentially, certain Windows APIs and apps have a problem with folder paths longer than 260 characters and this can be problematic with how npm works.
The Best Tool for the Join: Scaling Node.js with Unix A look at performing SQL-style ‘joins’ across CSV files with Node and Unix.
Jonah Kagan
Nearing Practical Maintainability (Rewriting npm-www) The npm team are rewriting the webapp behind the npm repository site. They looked at the options and went with the Hapi webapp framework.
npm, Inc.
Flatten Your Npm Dependencies With Dedupe
Stefan Judis
Using Node to Change Your Bash Prompt
Nicholas Cloud
Libraries, Code and Tools
AWESOM-0: A Node-based IRC Bot Written in a modular way where you write separate scripts for each command you want the bot to respond to.
Andrew Kennedy
Omelette.js 0.3.1: Simple bash/zsh Autocompletion Engine for Node.js Tools
Fatih Kadir Akın
PM2: A Node.js Process Manager with Built-In Load Balancer A modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a built-in load-balancer.
Node v0.8.27 (Maintenance) See the top item in this issue for background to this.
Node.js Blog
Node v0.10.29 (Stable)
diskDB: A Lightweight Disk-Based JSON Database with a MongoDB-like API for Node
Arvind Ravulavaru
Last but not least..
We've Gone Global: Apply Today to Hack Reactor Remote Previously only in San Francisco, attend the “Harvard” of Coding Schools wherever you are. Limited half-scholarships being offered, classes start July 21st, recommended application deadline: June 24th.
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