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A console for your Node app, TJ Holowaychuk says bye, and a new Node-oriented Web browser.
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Node Weekly
July 10, 2014  #43
Derick Bailey
If you’ve ever worked on a Rails app and found the Rails ‘console’ useful, you might find it useful to create REPLs for your Node apps too.

TJ Holowaychuk
TJ - the incredibly prolific developer behind things like Express, Mocha, and Jade - reflects on his experiences with Node and explains why he’s off to the land of Go. In response, Dustin Diaz explains why he’s staying with Node.

Rackspace   Sponsored
Why did cloud-based startups have such a hard time scaling “in the cloud?” The short answer: multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy in clouds leads to inconsistency in performance behaviors, a noticeable increase in the complexity of the application and increased engineering spend to address that complexity. Click here to read more.


A new browser that’s backed with Chromium, C++, and Node.js under the hood, with everything at the higher level in JavaScript and HTML5.

A traditional desktop app developer looks for guidance in the Node.js world.


  • Javascript Engineer (San Francisco)
    JavaScript Engineer with a passion for developing advanced web applications using object oriented techniques? Eager to work with JavaScript/Ember.js/Ember Data/HTML5/CSS3/Ruby on Rails/Redis/Postgres? If so, come join us as we build our next generation platform. Vertical Response
  • Principal JavaScript Developer (London)
    Help change the world of music. We're a well-funded group building a state-of-the-art publishing platform and need a passionate and inventive senior JavaScript developer to solve knotty rendering problems and inspire an energetic team. 

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