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The status of Node.js, Express goes to StrongLoop, creative uses for Node, and more.
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Node Weekly
July 31, 2014  #46
Official Node.js Blog
Node maintainer TJ Fontaine reflects on some of the processes behind Node.js’s documentation, future features, team, and quality control. Worth reading to get up to speed with how Node’s project lead sees the lay of the land.

After bidding farewell to Node recently, TJ Holowaychuk, the creator of Express, has passed some of the reins on to StrongLoop. This has not been without controversy which TJ has responded to.

New Relic   Sponsored
The Node.js team at New Relic recently brought the power of browser monitoring to Node.js. The new browser monitoring features also include JavaScript errors and AJAX timings. Check out New Relic’s blog to see how their team keeps iterating, improving and releasing new features.

New Relic

In 8 minutes, Hendrik Swanepoel demonstrates how to create your own read, write, and transform stream, complete with written notes accompanying the video.

A pretty significant release with new workspaces powered by Docker Ubuntu containers. It’s not just for Node development but that is one of its most popular uses.

Benjamin Farrell of GE presents a 45 minute talk looking at creative or uncommon uses for Node.js (i.e. not webapps, Web services, etc.)



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