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Node app authentication, text extraction, webapp security, numbers-to-text, and more.
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Node Weekly
August 14, 2014  #48
A complete tutorial for using the Passport strategy-based authentication middleware.

David Bashford
Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PNG, JPG, RTF, and more.

Mark Stuart
Mark Stuart of PayPal shows off some anti-patterns and best practices for securing your Node apps. He also shows off some actual security holes found in code and how to patch them.

Rackspace   Sponsored
The “Shark Tank Effect” is well known—it’s the massive traffic explosion a small company’s site sees from an appearance on the show. Our site’s traffic ballooned from an average of 4,500 visitors per day to nearly 57,000 that Friday the show aired. Could your infrastructure handle this spike? Find out how ours did – we didn’t even need to use the Diamond Cutter.


Conceptually similar to Travis and Jenkins, but written in JavaScript and using MongoDB as a backing store.

Erin McKean
For example, 108 becomes 'one hundred and eight'.

Built as an Express middleware. Write code once and use it both server and browser-side automatically, automatically creates Single Page Application using browser History API, fast stream-based rendering engine, etc.


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