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Node 0.10.31 released, the future of, ES6 classes in V8, and more.
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Node Weekly
August 21, 2014  #49
Node.js Blog
Not a big release, but a variety of vulnerabilities in V8 have been fixed (CVE-2014-6668), OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1i, npm updated to 1.4.23, and some minor bugfixes (if you were seeing busy loops from hanging timers, it's worth upgrading).

The npm Blog
npm’s Raquel Vélez outlines the work being done on the official npm repository site at, including adding tagging support, creating collections of packages, and better search.

Phusion   Sponsored
Why does deployment involve so many things? How do you debug when things go wrong? Enter Phusion Passenger: an open source application manager that makes everything easier and helps you dig into problems. Try it in 10 minutes.


Google’s Dmitry Lomov says “now is the right time to proceed with ES6 classes’ implementation [in V8, as used by Node].” The implementation will include the class declaration syntax, enchancements to objects literal syntax, the ‘super’ keyword and Function.prototype.toMethod, and be available under the –harmony-classes flag.

Mozilla Hacks
Includes Brick, Ember, Handlebars, Grunt, I18n.js, Mocha, Stylus, and Yeoman.

IBM Emerging Technology
A tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways, all backed by Node.js.


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