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Node Weekly Issue 6
October 10, 2013
Node.js and The New Web Front-End Nicholas looks at how the roles of browsers and front-end developers have changed, how Node.js fits into that, and a way that Node can play a role as a ‘back-end UI layer’ rather than as the sole back-end.
Nicholas C Zakas
What is Node.js? Dave Dopson provides a fantastically broad and insightful answer to a developer who isn’t quite sure what Node.js is about or why anyone should use it. There’s a lot packed in here.
Stack Overflow
GroupOn Completes Move from Rails to Node.js The daily deal site has moved from a monolithic Rails app to a primarily Node-based service oriented architecture that now serves around 50,000 requests per minute.
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How to Build A JSON REST API Server with Node.js and MongoDB Using Mongoskin and Express.js Uses Mocha to progress through in a test-driven development manner.
Azat Mardanov
Heap Snapshots and Handling Node.js Memory Leaks Ben Noordhuis, a Node core contributor and member of the StrongLoop team, created the heapdump module to provide developers a simple mechanism for producing V8 heap snapshots.
The 365 Project – Canvas Prints Created with Flickr and Node.js A look at an interesting project by Remy Sharp that used Node.js and Flickr to produce a huge mosaic of sorts.
Handling GET Requests with Google DART, Node.js and MongoDB A proof of concept with Node and MongoDB on the server, and Dart on the client.
Piyas De
Building A Twitter Bot in 20 Minutes With Node.js
Christian Paulsen
Publishing to on Git Commit Using Github Hooks and Travis
John McLear
Testing With Mocha, Sinon.js & Mocking Request
Bulkan Evcimen
Getting MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) MEAN is a full app development stack including MongoDB, Express, Node.JS and AngularJS and Google’s Brad Green speaks to a selection of developers about it.
Google Developers on YouTube
Libraries, Code and Tools
Prerender: Making AngularJS, Backbone or Ember Apps Search Engine Friendly Node (or Rails) middleware that detects search engine crawlers and provides content that’s appropriate for their use and allows regular navigation through a single page JavaScript app.
Todd Hooper
Opentype.js: JavaScript Parser for TrueType and OpenType Fonts Gives you access to the letterforms of text from the browser or node.js.
vim-unstack: Vim Plugin for Parsing Stack Traces and Opening The Files Currenly supports Python, Ruby, C#, Perl, Go and Node.js.
Matthew Boehm
Tin: Easily Manage NPM, Bower, and Component Packages Managing Node.js and browser side JavaScript packages can be a ‘pain in the ass’ says Tin’s creator JP Richardson and Tin sets out to resolve that.
JP Richardson
Node OS: Hacker-Friendly Operating System Written in Node.js
Cabin: Extensible Static Site Generator Powered by Grunt
node-tweet-cli: Tweet from the Terminal
Dmitri Voronianski
node-snapchat: Snapchat Client Library
Olivier Truong
node-logbook: A Simple, Unobtrusive Logger for Node
Jaime Pillora
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