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io.js, the new Node.js fork, top 10 Node mistakes, getting started with npm, and more.
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Node Weekly
December 5, 2014  #64

A day late due to poor health, apologies! The io.js Node fork is a huge topic this week. It's too early to tell where things are going but for now both io.js and Node will be covered here. We have and on standby just in case ;-)

Alexandru Vladutu
A long piece but full of tips. Includes not using enough automated tools, blocking the event loop, poor logging, executing a callback multiple times, and more.

Lin Clark
npm Inc has released a set of videos covering how to use npm, how to install and manage packages, fix permissions, and more.

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Essentially a fork of Node, discussed in further links and stories below. Further discussion can also be found here.

Read Write
Lauren Orsini presents a simple, high level overview of the Node/io.js situation, and notes that Uber may be switching over to the io.js fork.

Paul Krill interviews io.js team member Mikeal Rogers about the motivation behind the fork.


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