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Node Weekly Issue 9
October 31, 2013
Apostrophe: A Node-based Content Management System Apostrophe is a content management system designed for maximum flexibility with a minimal learning curve. It can be connected to existing Express.js apps to add CMS features. See a live demo in action.
P'unk Avenue
Node v0.11.8 (Unstable) Released
Node.js Blog
node-jvm: A Java Virtual Machine Implemented in Node.js A JVM (Java 5) implemented on top of vanilla Node.js.
Yaroslav Gaponov
Introduction to Sails.js Sails is a JavaScript framework designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. It makes the process of building Node.js apps easier, especially APIs, single-page apps and real-time features, like chat.
Building a ToDo App with Express.js/Node.js and MongoDB
Azat Mardanov
Dismantling the Monoliths The operations story of how Groupon recently completed a year-long project to migrate Groupon’s U.S. web traffic from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a new Node.js stack.
Prereleases on NPM
Jeff Escalante
Checking for Copyright Headers in Your Source Code using GruntJS
Node.js Examples
Watching and Listening
“Node”-assemble Johnny-Five An 18 minute overview by Emily Rose of how Node.js can be used to program hardware (an Arduino microcontroller).
Libraries, Code and Tools
TingoDB: Embedded JavaScript Database for Node.js and node-webkit An embedded JavaScript NoSQL database for use with Node.js and node-webkit. It has an API and features designed to be ‘upward compatible’ with MongoDB and its Node driver.
PushOk Software
dsjslib: A Collection of Data Structures and Utilities Tons of stuff in here from LRU caches to priority queues, skip lists, BTrees, multi-way tries, multimaps, and more.
Duration.js: Parsing and Creating Durations Works with strings such as '4h3m2s'. A port of Go’s time.ParseDuration.
Building Multiplayer HTML5 Games with Cloak Cloak is a library for multiplayer HTML5 games that handles client/server messaging, room/lobby management, and the fiddly edge cases that you don’t want to think about
ExpressWorks: Automated Express.js/Node.js Workshop A Node.js-based command line tool that walks you through a series of exercises, in order to improve your Express.js skills.
Azat Mardanov
id3.js: Parser for ID3 Tags (in MP3 Files)
Nombo: Scalable Realtime Framework for Node.js An open source framework for building realtime web apps with Node.
Regenerator: Bringing ES6 Generator Functions to Today's JavaScript (ES5) A fully-functional source transformer that takes the proposed syntax for generators/yield from future versions of JS and outputs efficient JS-of-today that behaves the same way.
ThreePin: A Stress-Free Client Debugger and Test Environment
Diego Costantino
Nunjucks: Rich and Powerful Templating Language for JavaScript A small 8K gzipped runtime, supports custom extensions, block inheritance, auto-escaping, macros, asynchronous control, and more. For Node and the browser.
James Long
Agenda: A Lightweight Job Scheduling Library for Node.js
Ryan Schmukler
load-grunt-tasks: Load Multiple Grunt Tasks using Globbing Patterns
Sindre Sorhus
time-grunt: Displays The Elapsed Execution Time of Grunt Tasks
Sindre Sorhus
Cob: Read and Manipulate JSON
Jesse Keane
Full Stack JavaScript Developer (Bristol, UK) Help us revolutionise personal finance. Join us as we build a suite of tools to help people better plan and manage their finances. Our stack built around small maintainable NodeJS services connecting to Backbone apps with some D3 sugar on top.
Last but not least..
Stay Up-to-Date with Node.js Packages using the 'npm-onupdate' Service When an npm package is updated in the registry, users will receive an email message about it.
Piotr Walczyszyn
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