Node Weekly
June 9, 2016  #141
Rod Vagg
While Node 6 supports 93% of the ES2015 feature set, it doesn’t support ES Modules, so some hard choices are needed.

Igor Soarez
In a 20 minute talk at Node.js Live in Paris, Igor Soarez looked at how an influx of developers from various cultures has lead to anti-patterns emerging in Node code.

Azat Mardan
Protocol Buffers (protobuf) provide an interesting alternative to JSON. They’re denser and provide data schemas for enforcement of structure.

RedisGreen   Sponsor
RedisGreen's new memory map models your database, helping you track down problems and gain new insights.


Martin Heidegger
Recently, the JavaScript world has been gripped by discussion over TC39’s ES6/ES2015 module proposal (see top item), and how they would be supported by Node (which already uses CommonJS).

Rhys Arkins
An approach to debugging a Node.js Docker container using node-inspector, a Node debugger based on Chrome’s DevTools.

Aren Li
Breaking down Node.js’ components, elaborating on key terms and an explainer on how the different pieces interact with each other.

Telerik Developer Network
Jen Looper explains the rapid rise of voice and chat bots and shows how you can easily create a custom Slack bot using BotKit.

Paul-Gabriel Buda
LoopBack is an open-source Node API framework backed by IBM.


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