Node Weekly
March 30, 2017  #181
Released just 5 months ago, the first version of Next.js was very popular. 2.0 makes building React-powered backends even easier with pre-fetching and component-based CSS support.

J Cole Morrison
A full set of guides and tutorials to setup and deploy a Node, Express and Loopback API and a React Web App to AWS with Docker on ECS.

Mostafa Gaafar
As of 7.6, Node now supports ES2016’s async and await features. This isn’t a deep dive but shows off some simple examples.

Datadog   Sponsor
Graph and alert on custom Node metrics, and correlate with data from 150+ other technologies across your stack.


Carlos Justiniano
Building a simple Node.js microservice and packaging it in a Docker container - then hosting the container on AWS.

Node.js Foundation
npm gets an upgrade, buffers no longer segfault on out-of-range indexes, and a couple of other fixes, including a memory leak.

This week last year, the left-pad npm package was unpublished, causing a cascade of failures.

In Brief