Node Weekly
May 18, 2017  #188
Michael Herman
Learn how to quickly spin up a reproducible development environment with Docker to manage a number of Node microservices.

Shubham Kanodia
A simple tool that shows you the size of an npm package, both minified and gzipped. Source here.

Tierney Cyren
A new committee in the Node.js Foundation focusing on non-technical, community-oriented contributions to the Node world.

Forward Courses   Sponsor
Netflix's Brian Holt returns to teach a full-day workshop on ES6 and React. React eschews the traditional MVC architecture, a counter-intuitive approach Brian explains along with JSX, React best practices, and the React component lifecycle.

Forward Courses

AdPushup Inc.
Handles custom logging (with logging levels), provides multi-format output and has an easy to use events API.

Martin Wimpress
An introduction to and electron-builder. (20 minute video)

GitHub Engineering
This week, GitHub released a new version of its GitHub Desktop app, but rewritten on Electron rather than using .NET or Cocoa as before.

In Brief