Node Weekly
July 6, 2017  #195
Sindre Sorhus
The 5th most depended upon npm package takes another step forward with full ‘true color’ (24 bit) support, plus an ability to use tagged template literals.

Supports logging in with Twitter, Facebook, Google, GitHub and Reddit. Results in two cookies available for your top level domain (and therefore other apps).

VividCortex   Sponsor
Queueing theory rules everything around you - Whether you’re an entrepreneur, engineer, or manager, queueing theory is one of the best ways to boost performance. This 30-page ebook demystifies the subject without requiring pages full of equations.


Tamas Kadlecsik
Simplify your callback or Promise based Node apps with async functions with async/await.

The npm Blog
There are no specific LTS releases but they backport security fixes to npm versions shipping with supported Node versions.

Chris Ward
A 30 minute interview with NodeSource’s Pravin Halady on “why enterprise developers might need a safer and more secure version of Node.js and npm”.

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