Node Weekly
August 10, 2017  #200
Node.js Foundation
This version sees the V8 engine upgraded to version 6.0 (which has key performance implications) in addition to DNS, N-API and REPL changes.

Sam Roberts
A new environment variable that lets you supply command line arguments to Node. This post explains why it’s useful.

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Michael Dawson
Changes, beginning in Node 8 and continuing to occur en route to Node 9, are coming to errors thrown by the Node.js runtime.

Schahriar SaffarShargh
Using N-API’s abstractions, you can create C/C++ addons without having a deep understanding of how V8 works.

Duo Labs
Following last week’s npm typosquatting story, Jordan Wright analyzes npm packages and how attackers use malicious packages to gain access/control over systems.

Scott Allen
A free course to get you started with developing and deploying Node apps and services on Azure.

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