Node Weekly
January 22, 2015  #70
A look at how Node picked up momentum in 2014 before moving to a bulletpoint list of things they see coming up this year.

A 30 minute screencast showing what it takes to get an Express v3-based app up to the latest and greatest version 4.

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Node.js Blog
Includes updates on v8 (not to io.js levels, naturally), libuv, and npm.

Node Streams are a powerful way to build modules and applications that deal with large streams of data.

Michael Schöbel
A mostly inconclusive look at varying performance levels using different types of arrays. Ben Noordhuis shared his thoughts on the results on Hacker News.

Gabor Papp
A look at Node through the eyes of Google Trends, Google’s autosuggest system, and what Node related terms people are searching for.


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