Node Weekly
February 5, 2015  #72
The npm Blog
A look at the improvements being made in processing and rendering package READMEs on the official npm repository site, including sanitization, syntax highlighting, and Markdown parsing.

Read Write
Joyent’s Node.js Incubator Program is designed for companies, startups, and individuals doing interesting things with Node.

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json-server makes it easy to setup JSON APIs for demos or proof of concepts. Here, John Linquist walks us through the process of using pre-built JSON files for a server and how to generate larger datasets using lodash and faker.

Dan McGhan
APEX is a declarative environment for creating webapps on top of the Oracle Database.

Atom is a text editor built on top of atom-shell and modern Web technologies, and it now runs on top of Chrome 40 and io.js.

Node.js Blog
openssl and npm upgrades, plus some minor bug fixes.



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