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March 19, 2015  #78
Node.js Blog
With all the talk of 0.12 and io.js, 0.10 is widely deployed and has had an update for a vulnerability.

It’s sometimes necessary to use a module you’re still working on before it has been published to npm. The npm link command makes it possible.

Modern Web
A tutorial looking at how to use JXCore (an alternative Node implementation) to build a very simple iOS app along with Cordova (and, optionally, Xcode).

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Cloud 66

A well presented library of helper functions that ‘check’ data or types.. is something a number? Is a date on the weekend? Is something an array? There’s a lot here and it’s very well documented too.

‘Collections’ are a way of bringing together multiple npm packages in useful ways.

CJ Silverio
A talk from NodeSummit from the head of DevOps at npm, Inc. about how the npm registry has grown and scaled using Node noe that it serves billions of requests each year.


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