Node Weekly
May 28, 2015  #88
Tom Spencer
A look at how you can replicate npm-style private hosting using GitHub or Bitbucket and access the modules from your deployment server or Heroku.

io.js Repository
The rapid pace of changes in the underlying V8 JavaScript engine is having an impact on how quickly io.js can synchronize with it while remaining stable. A lot of great points have been made.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
Build a clean, well-structured web app from scratch by combining best-of breed approaches and a carefully curated set of tools including: Ampersand, React, WebPack, ES6 and Node.js.

Frontend Masters

Node.js Blog
npm is upgraded to 2.10.1, Array.prototype.values() has been reinstated, and Windows XP/2003 support has returned.

Stefan Fidanov
A look at implementing an Amazon S3 file upload system where your server is passed by for the actual upload with end users uploading direct to S3.

npm recently updated its guidelines on including license metadata in package.json files. npm1K looks at how many of the top 1000 packages comply and lets you easily help them out if they don’t.

Patrick Mulder
A look at using Bookshelf, an ORM for Node.js, built on the Knex SQL query builder.


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