Node Weekly
July 9, 2015  #94
Node.js Blog
A release that fixes a bug that triggers an out-of-band write in V8’s utf-8 decoder. This is an important security update as the bug can enable a DoS attack.

A handy article aimed at both those looking to get a job and those performing interviews.

GraphQL is a declarative data-fetching specification from Facebook. This post presents an overview from a Node perspective.

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Rebecca Turner of npm, Inc explains npm 3’s updated approach to dependency management.

An interview with John Cline, lead engineer of eBay's Homepage Team.

Already mentioned above in the context of Node, but it affects io.js too.

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Currently in beta and authored by Karl Düüna. Discover the primary attack vectors against Node webapps and implement security best practices and effective countermeasures.


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