#​541 — July 23, 2024

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Node.js Weekly

Node.js v22.5.0 (Current) Released – But Don't Install It! — A notable release for three reasons: first, the WebSocket feature in node:http is now exposed. Second, remember how Node is embedding SQLite? node:sqlite is now included and ready to play with. Third, however, v22.5.0 introduced a nasty bug, so you'll want to try v22.5.1 instead.

Antoine du Hamel

A Post Mortem of What Broke Node v22.5.0 — The ‘Current’ release line gives us the latest Node has to offer, at the risk of sometimes including show-stopping bugs too, and so it went with v22.5.0. Node v22.5.1 was released to fix the error. Matthew McEachen wrote further about his experience in encountering the bug.

Yagiz Nizipli et al.

Run GitHub Actions Up to 2x Faster at Half the Cost — Blacksmith runs your GitHub Actions substantially faster by running them on modern gaming CPUs. Integrating Blacksmith is a one-line code change. 100+ companies like GitBook, Superblocks, and Slope use Blacksmith to help developers merge code faster.

Blacksmith sponsor

Why is Spawning a New Process in Node So Slow? — The developers of the Val Town platform noticed that Node couldn’t spawn more than 40 external processes per second, whereas Deno and Bun could do a lot more. Are there ways to significantly improve this? Actually, yes!

Max McDonnell

A Practical Guide to Not Blocking the Event Loop — A look at the core principles of synchronous and asynchronous work in a single-threaded environment, stressing the importance of non-blocking code for efficient event loop utilization.

Slava Knyazev

Using pnpm on Heroku — If you’re using the Heroku platform, their Node.js buildpack now supports the pnpm package manager which offers significant disk space and installation time improvements.

Colin Casey (Heroku)

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The only production-ready AI-powered backend code generator. Jovu helps you build tested, robust backend services ready to go live.

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MikroORM 6.3: Schema First? — If you’ve not had the pleasure of giving MikroORM, a TypeScript ORM for Node, a try, it’s well worth checking out. v6.3 brings even more polish to proceedings and introduces the option to use it in a ‘schema first’ style where entity definitions are created from the database.

Martin Adamek

Docmost: Open-Source Collaborative Wiki and Documentation Tool — If you want something akin to Notion but open source and powered by Node (it’s a NestJS app under the hood), this has a lot to offer.

Docmost Team

Stop Worrying About Your Auth. Let FusionAuth Handle It — Try out the FusionAuth Express.js API quickstart and learn how to protect your API from unauthorized usage (there may even be a free t-shirt in it!)

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📊 Chartbrew 3.7: Create Live Reporting Dashboards from Multiple Sources — Open source, built with Node, and lets you connect to numerous data sources and pull together data to turn into charts and dashboards.


fdir 6.2: A High Performance Directory Crawler Library — Need to scan through directories rapidly either asynchronously or synchronously?

Abdullah Atta

  • 🤖 OpenAI Node v4.53.0 – The official Node library for OpenAI's API adds support for their newest gpt-4o-mini model.

  • smol-toml 1.3 – Small, fast TOML parser and serializer. Now a dual-package with native ESM and a CJS single-file build.

  • exiftool-vendored 28.0 – Cross-platform access to ExifTool for managing metadata in multimedia files.

  • Poolifier 4.1 – Worker pools using worker_threads and cluster.

  • pnpm 9.6 – Fast, space efficient package manager.

  • file-type 19.3 – Detect the file type of a buffer.

  • np 10.0.7 – A better npm publish.