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Node Weekly
May 4, 2017  #186
From the people behind next.js comes a new tool for turning a Node project into an executable that can be run even where Node isn’t installed.

Seth Thompson
Reflections by the V8 team on a recent post about using V8 snapshots to speed up the Atom IDE’s startup times. V8 5.7 and later have a new, more powerful API for working with such snapshots.

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Frontend Masters

Myles Borins
A quick video from the popular core team member on why Node 8 is being delayed. Or if you prefer, a written writeup.

Pauli Olavi Ojala
A new proof-of-concept tool for putting Electron apps on a major diet - as low as 167KB for a Hello World app, for example.

Kamil Mysliwiec
A (very) thorough introduction to a framework built around existing libraries like Express and GitHub repo.

Node.js Foundation
The crypto module gets two new randomFill and randomFillSync methods, and the WHATWG URL implementation has been made more spec compliant.

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