Node Weekly
September 17, 2015  #104
Not as big a deal as it may sound due to the change to semantic versioning but there are a variety of improvements over 4.0 (whose release we announced last week).

Andrei Kashcha
The top 5 are lodash, async, underscore, request, and commander, but there are lots worth checking out, especially if you’ve not heard of them.

Taking place December 8-9 in Portland, Oregon, Node.js Interactive is being put together by the Node.js Foundation. The CFP is now open.

Raygun   Sponsor
Raygun error reporting enables you to fix bugs before your users find them. With full stack support & detailed diagnostic information, you’ll be able to maintain a flawless experience for your users. Try Raygun, it’s free for 30 days!


You can also block (or whitelist) entire countries by their defined IP blocks (not failsafe but a start).

Will Schmid
BLEH is Browserify + Less + Express + Handlebars, and Will has created a micro-framework called bleh to make it easy to get going with the idea.

Peter Dierx asks if you really need to use Grunt or Gulp before demonstrating how npm (node’s package manager) can be used as your sole build tool if you so choose.

Michael Herman
An introduction to testing a Node.js RESTful API with Mocha, a JavaScript testing framework.

A look at how many npm packages are insecure simply because they depend on old versions of other fixed packages.


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