Node Weekly
September 10, 2015  #103
Official Node.js Blog
Version 4 is the first official Node + io.js combined release. It uses V8 v4.5, the same version of V8 currently shipping with Chrome, resolving one of the main issues io.js solved and bringing a variety of ES6 features to Node as standard.

Damien Klinnert
Focuses on ES6 related things like template strings, classes, arrow functions, let and const, and more.

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A key milestone for a library that provides a complete Redis client for Node developers.

Official Node.js Blog
The Node.js Foundation board, which sets the business and technical direction on behalf of the foundation is chaired by Danese Cooper of PayPal. Mikeal Rogers is also on board as community manager.

Julien Crouzet
Could using DNS queries for checking versions or dependencies of packages speed things up?


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