Node Weekly
November 19, 2015  #113
Tim Pettersen
A tutorial packed with tips for building a script or command line tool using Node and npm, from parsing command line options to rendering colored output and progress bars.

A 30 minute Nodevember talk by Jordan Kasper that walks through some strategies for testing Node apps using Mocha.

Visual Studio Code is a code editor built by Microsoft. It’s mostly written in TypeScript and runs as a desktop app using Node and Electron.

Opbeat   Sponsor
Opbeat, the simple performance monitoring tool for developers, is now available for Node.js. Opbeat is integrated with your codebase makes monitoring and debugging your production apps faster, and your code better. Sign up to the private beta here.


Visual Studio based developers rejoice. Now includes a Quick IntelliSense mode, better debugging, npm 3 support, Code Snippets support, improved performance, and more.

Jeremiah Senkpiel
Mostly minor upgrades and updates. npm and http_parser have been upgraded, and a few core packages have had bugs fixed.

Alexander Gugel
I doubt npm will be toppled soon, but it’s great to see new ideas in package management come along and get absorbed.

“We’ve got a network utilization regression that’s at the root of the npm3 install performance.” This is a very extensive dive.

Azat Mardan
A set of 9 videos following the course provided by the ExpressWorks app, a local, interactive tool that helps you learn Express.js.


  • Senior PM for TypeScript @ Microsoft
    Looking for a JavaScript maverick to shape the future of TypeScript JavaScript. Evolve the language, facilitate collaboration amongst the community, and enable devs to create great apps using TypeScript across several IDEs editors. This is a great role for an author of a JS framework ready to make an even greater impact. Microsoft
  • Developer Evangelist with StrongLoop/IBM (Remote)
    StrongLoop and IBM are helping to grow and support the Node.js community, and we're looking for passionate individuals to help us in that mission! If you love writing and speaking about Node we'd love to talk to you. IBM
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    And let jobs apply for you! Through Hired, companies looking for someone with your skills and experience reach out with interview requests, which include salary and other benefits upfront.

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