Node Weekly
November 12, 2015  #112
Daniel Khan
A look at how Node manages memory and how to trace down memory-related problems.

Ten quick best practices for app developers (rather than module authors) covering npm use, clustering, and environment variable management.

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Dursun Koç
A quick example of using the Cluster API so that Node can take full advantage of multicore CPUs.

Some initial notes from Microsoft to bring developers up to speed with their way of working with Node, as well as the start of a “conversation on how (Microsoft) can improve the Node.js experience on (its) platforms.”

Dev Tips
Did you know tools like Node Inspector or Iron Node can be used to debug your Node.js code?

Node.js Foundation
20 corporate members provide the funding to keep the new Node.js Foundation running, but now you can join as an individual which would make you eligible to run for the board of directors.


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